Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Guess it's been a week....

I didn't realize it's been a week since I posted last.  Time to catch up again.

I've been having problems with my right wrist for over a month....  of course I was hoping it would go away.  Yeah, right....   Anyway, Friday I headed into Presque Isle to the walk-in clinic.

Great Blue Heron
There are several here now, but they are so flighty...  never stay around long enough for a good photo.

As I figured...  the problem is Carpel tunnel and isn't going to just go away.  I'm wearing a brace that extends nearly half way to my elbow...  doesn't make for easy typing or anything else for that matter.

Cedar Waxwing
Reminds me of Dizzy's post...  he describe them as having the tips of their tails dipped in a can of yellow paint.  So right!

Anyway, I've really limited my computer time.  The combination of using the computer (which includes downloading and processing the hundreds thousands of photos I take) and using the mowers (my main job here is mowing and trail maintenance) probably aggravated an already blossoming condition.  

Pretty even if it does feel like a cactus!

I tried to take a photo of my lovely splint-like apparatus.  Finally figured out how to take a photo of my right hand...  using my left hand to operate the camera adjustments...  then darned if the memory card was defective and no photo afterall.  Oh well...  doubt if y'all really want to see my $40 splint.  But then...  heck...  I'll show it another time.  After all, I don't spend $40 on just anything!

I see this young Bull Moose quite often.
He's gotten so he just stands and watches me take his photo.

The doctor at the clinic says I should wear this splint 24/7 for 4 months!!!!!
Good Grief!
I will admit that it immobilizes my wrist to the point that I don't feel a lot of pain now.  He also recommended I take Aleve, to reduce pain and inflammation.  I've never been one to take much medication so was hesitant about this, but am taking one each morning.  We'll see how that works.

Fields of Goldenrod
It's starting to look like autumn here, although this week is supposed to get into the 80 degree temps.  Maybe that's Indian Summer for Maine?

Anyway, I am trying to keep up with reading other folks blogs but haven't been commenting as much as I'd like.  

Wood Duck
I keep trying to get a good picture of this little guy...  I want to see the colors stand out... and the feathers on his head look like a "DA".  (Do you know what I mean?)  I'll keep trying.

But for now...
That's All For Today!


  1. Can't remember how long you're going to be there, but I think it might be some time in September before you can get that wood duck DA.

  2. I worked myself right into carpal tunnel problems in both wrists, when I was much younger. Dr. Joanne advises you lay off the mowing.

  3. Joanne is correct that the gripping of small sized tools (handles on trimmers and steering for mowers) contributes to your Carpal Tunnel. Vibration also adds to the problem. There are simple exercises that a Physical Therapist can show you to ease the swelling and pain. The vibration gloves you recently displayed will help somewhat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Yes, I know what a DA is, used to have one back in the 1950's. Now that is funny, a duck with a DA.

  5. For years I used a computer with a mouse and my wrist was very bad. Now no mouse use the touch pad on my laptop and feels much better.
    Hope the swell goes down some for you.

  6. I was diagnosed with that, years ago, but it wasn't what I actually had. I'd been beaten and I actually had a neck disk ruptured to the left and backwards into my spinal cord. This was crushing the nerve that fed my left arm, and wrist. I get my immobilization devices at Goodwill, but have found, when inflammation involves tendons, ligaments, inflamed and not working or swollen and compressing nerves, etc, keeping it unused, much as I can, does work, but it can take months. Worth it afterwards.

  7. Sorry about your wrist. I'm still struggling with my right eye. The big floaters are still there, but I just have to learn to adjust to them I guess. Loved your photos today!!

  8. Oh no, wrist problems....I had some after we left Louisiana...seems like the drill and the blower took their toll on me. Everything is fine now though without any doctor. Carolyn...hope yours goes away too.