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Friday, August 7, 2015

Fits Like A Glove....

I do a lot of outside work here at the Refuge.  Actually almost everything I do is outside except the 5 hours I work the Visitor Center on Sundays.

And it's been cold here, especially in the mornings.  Days I mow, I am out and about at least by 7:00, often before 6:30, as the Chapman Pond trails take me between 3 and 4 hours to complete.

Now, Mainers love this weather...  they run around in shirt sleeves when it's 50 degrees out.  Me?  I love Maine so the weather is part of it.  But at 50 degrees I usually have on jeans, wool socks, a long sleeve cotton shirt, a sweat shirt and a winter jacket.  Oh yes..  and ear muffs and a hat.

Wool Mittens....
My hands just freeze holding onto the mower bars...  sitting for hours just barely moving them.
I use a zero-turn mower and there really isn't much action the hands have to do.  Nice mower, but I have to dress warm in the mornings.

By afternoon it has warmed up.  After lunch I often head out to pull Spotted Knapweed.  That's an invasive plant that we're trying to eradicate.  Not a whole lot of hope for that, but maybe we'll get it under control.  We pull the plant out of the ground...  trying to pull the root system up as well.
My handy work gloves.
This is the 2nd summer I've worn these and while really grungy and well broke in, they continue to give me good service.  I have no idea how many thousands of weeds these have helped me pull.
(We do have some control spraying done here for invasive plants, but that's a whole 'nother blog)

Now...  here comes my latest acquisition...
Check these out!
These are gel-filled gloves (pads on the front areas as well as the knuckles) and are for folks who use high impact equipment.  (jack hammers etc).  I have been having a lot of wrist problems and the refuge bought me these gloves so that when I use the mower or other equipment that vibrates or could cause joint damage, the shock would be absorbed.  They asked me to pick out a pair... I chose the fingerless style so I'd have greater dexterity.  
Quite fashionable, aren't they?

I've worn them a couple of days now and think they do help.  Guess it will take a while to know for sure.  However, I really appreciate the effort this refuge makes to make volunteers happy and keep healthy.  

Now...  maybe I can talk them into a manicure for my ragged fingernails....
Ruby red nail polish?

That's All For Today!


  1. Those gloves look like they'll do the trick. Even with finger tips exposed, I find sailing gloves (basically the same concept) help keep hands warm when it's a wee bit too cool.

  2. I believe those gel gloves work well. I wore them for years when I operated a fork lift, on my 10 hour shifts, sure helped me.

  3. The gel gloves have to be a good idea. I remember the summer I rode a motorcycle half way across country. The handle bar control's vibrated my hands numb. I wrapped socks around each handle bar after the first day. That got a lot of looks from all the macho bikers we encountered.

  4. I like mittens when it is really cold. Having all your fingers in the same enclosure helps keep them warm. Way back when I lived and hunted in Pennsylvania, I had a pair of shooter's mittens. They had a flap that you could get your fingers out to shoot and not have to remove the mittens. I loved being in the forests when it was snowing.

  5. I had a pair of those mittens that Dizzy talked about. Sure helped for early morning bird banding.

  6. I remember how vibrating machinery of any kind made my neck nerve issues worse before the neck surgery. But I must say I went to a rock concert once, and the deep vibrations of the low frequency bass were to some degree in tune with my body frequency and began to vibrate my innards and my heart. I had to leave. Those fingerless gloves are rad, man! I hope they help!

  7. Your early morning clothing outfit makes me start sweating. I start the day with shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.

  8. Nice gloves! Now that you have official "Mechanics Gloves" they might want you to start changing oil!!