Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, August 27, 2015


We're into our last week up here in Maine....  this time next week we'll be on the road, starting our trek to the Balloon Fiesta in ABQ, New Mexico.

I still have another Sunday to work the Visitor Center...  and I'm sure Bill will be hauling a few more loads of fill for the road.

And...  I still make my morning rounds of the refuge.  Only now it stays dark until nearly 5:30, so visibility, what with the foggy mornings and the dark make photography difficult.

Still.....  sometimes I see critters...  this morning I was just turning down onto the new road and saw....
Mama Moose and her Calf
They were standing right in the middle of the road...  almost right on top of the culvert when I first saw them.  You can see the top of the culvert in the lower left of this photo.
I've not had many sightings of baby moose this summer...  only 3 or 4 times....  so am delighted when it happens.  After taking a few photos...  none real clear at that hour....  I backed back onto the main road and changed my morning route.   

They proceeded on up the road...  looking back to see if I was following.
I wasn't...  always feel like it's their territory and I'm an intruder...  so I give them all the space they want.

Just as I was driving off, a small black bear ran across the road...  but it was far enough ahead of me and he was moving so fast, I never saw him again.

I'm always thrilled when I see critters of any kind so feel like I started out the day just right!

Today...  August 27th...  would be my Mother's 100th birthday.  Even though she's been gone 25 years I am still in awe of her wisdom and of the role model she was... not only for me, but for countless folks (of all ages)... many I never met.  I still miss my Ma ....  and she's still my hero.

That's All For Today!


  1. we really planned to get to Maine this year but this month long house sitting gig just ate its way into our summer...

  2. I'm thinking those early morning drives are usually the highlight of your day! Lucky you.

  3. Today was my mother's funeral. I'm sure her personality will stay with me forever too. Mothers are special people. Hugs to you, Sharon.

  4. August is almost over. It's already winter way up there.

  5. Another week and we are on the road heading west across Canada and down the west coast.
    Don't get between a moma moose and her calf, we did that years ago in Algonquin Park, it was a pretty frightening experience when she body checked our car twice no less!

  6. Nice tribute to your Mom. I enjoy your posts very much.

  7. Makes me kind of sad, to hear you're leaving, the end of the summer, the end of a saga, the end of your posts about refuge life and the animals you encounter and have such respect for. But now, I have your next adventures to look forward to reading about and seeing your photos. I'm happy about that.

  8. Moose AND a Black Bear for your morning walk? Not too shabby!!