Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Morning....

I saw this guy a couple times lately.  I was in the photo blind and he flew onto a snag and stayed a while.  The lighting was terrible.  It is at 5:00 in the morning...  sometimes so foggy I can barely see.
I think it's a Merlin?
I'm hoping my birding friends can set me straight on the ID.

My game camera picked up this critter...
Usually I see the otters a few times while we're here, but this year I haven't seen the first one.
So I was happy my game camera caught him.  I know...  these guys are terrible when it comes to mortality of ducks and geese, and they can clean out a fishing hole overnight.  But... I'll admit they are fun to watch.

We seldom see Great Blue Herons until late summer.  This summer is no exception.
They are so nervous....  flying away at the first hint of vehicles or people.  So I've had to do some sneaking around to get even a distant shot.  He really does have 2 legs....  just tucking the right one under him for a while.

The goldenrod is already looking tarnished....  the highbush cranberries are starting to get red.  Queen Anne's lace now looks like a field of dry bird nests.  The leaves are coming down from the birches...
They crunch and crackle under the tires as I drive over them.

It's starting to look like autumn...  and soon will be time to move on.  I read other blogs by fellow travelers...  it's nearly the time to migrate.  Another couple of weeks and we'll be on the road.

The End

That's All For Today!


  1. I'm sorry your time in Maine is ending--love your photos! We have frost this morning--time to think about migrating!

  2. Summer is fading away here, too. I love the occasional heron I see at the local pond, and yes, I have to sneak to get a picture.

  3. You will migrate also then, south for the winter?

  4. We are still having nice warm days but very cool at night, shorter days, soon we all be on the road again, love it !

  5. Looks like a Merlin to me too. I"m waiting for the waterfowl to begin arriving from the far north. It will be another month before it's in full swing, but the warblers are already moving through.

  6. Will you stop off at your place in Ohio on your way south.

  7. We had 42 degrees yesterday morning, so we are seeing a nice cool-off here in northern Idaho as well. I agree with your Merlin ID. I remember getting good looks at a Merlin there at Aroostoock NWR the summer we were there, as well as a Northern Goshawk, so that is a great place for raptors!