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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And Even MORE Rain.....

It's been raining here for about 5 days now. Our rain gauge is in the garage, so we don't know exactly how much rain we've gotten....  but I saw 2 bears and Bill saw 2 moose yesterday, so I guess Noah is calling all the critters to board the ark.

Why is the rain gauge in the garage... you ask?   Well, last week we invited the SCA kids over for dinner and it was too buggy to eat outside.  We pulled the picnic table into the garage, and even leaving the garage door open, the bugs had more trouble finding us.  So...  what about the gauge?  Oh yes...  the gauge is attached to the end of the picnic table as there aren't very many other places to put one outside here.

The rain has been serious today...  so much so that I finally got my buns in gear and finished...

The Dastardly Deed!!!!
That photo blind that I started painting last week is finally finished!
Ta Da!!!  
(UhOh... I see a few spots that I missed...)

I'm going to interrupt this blog to tell a story....
A few years ago, Bill & I were volunteering at another refuge.  Another couple were also volunteering there and one day a week the female half of the couple and I worked the visitor center together.  Our RV sites were about 20 miles from the VC so we rode together.  One day, as we were driving home, the woman started complaining rather angrily that our "boss" wanted her to write grants.  Now, this is a very specialized field, and I was rather surprised.  As she talked, she went on to say that even with her experience, it took weeks to write a grant and she didn't want to spend all her time doing that while here.  So...  I asked her how in the world the refuge even knew she wrote grants.  She  then went on to tell me that she'd put it on her resume.

Well....  duh!

I thought anyone with common sense would omit a detail such as that if they didn't enjoy doing it....

I haven't filled out a volunteer application in years, but if I did, I probably wouldn't add painting as my favorite activity.  
But...  you know what?  If that's what needs to be done, I do it.... and even though I complain, I'm starting to like painting. 
(Did I really say that?)

Hey... look what was looking at me when I got home yesterday...
Black bears have bad eyesight, but have very good hearing.  This guy heard my car coming down the road and was checking me out.
He/she hung out in that field for over a half hour then finally crossed the road....  heading for a different area.

I've posted several photos taken with one of my game cameras...
This is one of them...  it's got a steel cable hugging it to the tree, and the metal box housing the camera also has a lock.  This should prevent it from theft...  or even damage from a bear.  
I love seeing what happens when I'm not around!

The other morning there was a lot of fog, and the trees were just dripping with dew...
As the sun was breaking through, the light on the trees looked almost like ice.  It was so beautiful I just had to stop for a few minutes and savor it all.   Truly Awesome!

That's All For Today!

See where we are.

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  1. I kind of enjoy painting on refuges, especially if it is outdoors. After spending my working life in education, I really prefer not to work with kids, but I do it at the refuges anyway since it's not an everyday thing. :)