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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's That? Yet Another Rainy Day?

Yes, that's right... the rain is still coming down.  It's kind of funny because at 5:14 AM this morning, as Bill & I were eating breakfast, there was this strange light coming through the windows.  We'd kind of forgotten what it was...  it was bright and cheerful....  but by the time we remembered it was the sun, it disappeared from view not to be seen since.

Bill has spent most of his day doing inside work...  there's still some vehicle maintenance to do as well as getting some signs ready to put out.  I think he drove into Caribou to the hardware store....  just doing some of those things they tend to put off for days like these.

There was a brief period when it wasn't raining and looked kind of promising, so I took the Gator out to finish picking up the debris left over from the manhole removal.  It was mostly pieces of PVC pipe but also some bits of flagging I'd put out to mark the manholes.  It started raining again before I got done...  I didn't get drenched, but the wet was starting to soak through my clothing.

While out I came across a patch of this....
 Sheep Laurel

It's in the Kalmia  or Laurel family...  the Heath family that the azalia in your garden belongs.  The color is striking...  sure grabbed my attention!

This pair of Ring-neck ducks were taking a morning swim.  Look close....  it's no wonder I keep wanting to call them "Ring-billed ducks"....  

This guy paused to check me out....  decided I wasn't worth bothering with and moved on....

I moved on too...  changed out the memory cards on my game cameras...
This young bear was ambling by...

But he decided to stop and take a closer look at the camera...  gave me a great profile shot!  You can see how wet HE got while out and about!

And then decided to check the camera out even further...  that's a REAL close-up of his nose... and you can see a bit of his left eye over there on the upper right....

That camera caught a whole lot of critters last night....
Got these 2 moose...  that smaller one on the right is growing a nice rack...   I was kind of surprised that he looks so small...  but I suppose if I were standing next to him, he'd sure look a LOT bigger!

One of those guys decided to check out the camera later.  This was taken at 9:12 pm last evening...  so maybe the red flash caught his eye....  Kind of funny to see that BIG nose, huh?

This shot is from a few days ago in a different location.  I think it's a young porcupine...  But since it's blurry, I'm not totally positive.  But look at the shape and the stance...  and it's a night (nocturnal) shot....  Anyway, I   think that's what this little guy is...

Last Photo of the Day...
I had 2 cameras set up...  one across from the other.  Here's me and Bill setting up the second one.  Notice that the top line of the photo shows the date, time and even the moon phase.  Note also that it shows the current temperature.  Now...  Note that it is 75 degrees F...  and I am wearing jeans, boots, a polartec lined jacket and a hat.   I spend the winter somewhere in shorts, sandals and sleeveless tees...  and the summer trying to get warm...
I have to laugh at my topsy-turvy world!

That's All For Today!


  1. Hmmmm...this is the third day I have clicked on rain for you. Thank you for bringing in all the lovely pictures.

  2. Those night shots are somewhat fascinating the way the animals come right up for a sniff...very cool!
    Constant rain can be so disheartening, I know, I lived on the west coat of Canada which is fondly referred to as the "wet coast", for most of my life. We move to central Alberta Canada last summer, the middle of the bald prairie. We may have cold snowy winters here, but the endless blue sky is amazing!!

    Hope you can stay dry and warm and the real summer hits you soon!

  3. Is all that rain unusual for Aroostook NWR? When we were in Presque Isle last year it rained almost every day. We were told that was the wettest summer in history.
    Great paint job!

  4. Be thankful for all that hasn't rained here for more than 5 minutes since June 1st and southeast Wisconsin is turning into a yellowed, crispy wasteland right before my eyes. No rain in the forecast for the next 10 days and still unseasonably warm as well. With this kind of weather we could be in Arizona! Great shot of the laurel!

  5. Those game cameras are such a kick. Really get to see the animals up close and natural. I have never seen sheep laurel before. It's beautiful.

  6. Snout shot! The animals must get a kick out of the cameras, too.

  7. Your wildlife photos are amazing. That must be so exciting to see. Glad the moose decided to just look and move on. I once lived on Kalmia Street - that shot is beautiful. Glad to know you and Bill were at that tree to set up a camera. At first glance, I though Bill was there doing something else.