Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, June 4, 2012

This is work?

As usual I took an early morning drive around the refuge (by the way, NWR stands for National Wildlife Refuge) to see what I could see.

There was a moose over in Delima Pond...  in the usual spot.  The time would have been around 5:15 am.  I wish they'd stay there all day so when I give a tour I could "guarantee" a sighting. Maybe I should make a plywood silhouette and place it over there to make our visitors happy....  

Drove on along my usual route...  pretty slim pickins' this morning.  Nothing in the Weapons Storage Area...  on to the 9,000 area.  That's where I have my game cameras out...  changed out the memory card on the first one...  drove on the the 2nd one.  AHA!  There goes a bear across the road.  But I'm not quick enough to take a picture.

Back home...  got to hurry, as work starts at 6am.  I quickly downloaded the memory cards onto my computer.  No pictures on one of the cards...  Rats!   Ah...  but look what I caught on the other camera...
I cropped this, so it doesn't show the time/date/camera/temp....  but this guy was ambling along around 10am yesterday morning....  didn't seem to notice the camera...  and wandered off.  Isn't he a beauty?  Truth is, it may be a girl...  either way, I really like this picture.

Got up to the headquarters office shortly after 6am...  the  morning meeting is going on.  I haven't missed much...  the manager is away at training and Kirk and Bill are talking equipment talk.

I clean the visitor center/offices on Monday mornings and got to work doing that.  I know that at 10:00 I'll be giving a refuge tour to a new volunteer.  

Travis, who is 36, lives in Caribou.  He has some physical handicaps so isn't working at this time.  He wants to volunteer here and as anyone who has ever worked knows, there's always a niche for everyone someplace.

My "job" today is to take Travis on a tour of the refuge.  We take off in the truck shortly after 10am.  Even though he has always lived in the area he's never been on a tour of the refuge.  I start my spiel talking about the history...  the changes...  the future plans.  I really love giving tours and especially enjoy it when the people are interested in it all.

We've been through part of the refuge...  haven't seen a critter!  On we go...  more talk...  and...  WOW!
A mama moose and her calf!  And such a young calf it is!  

I sure am glad I keep my camera right beside me.  We were a couple hundred feet away so the picture isn't the best, but this was the first baby moose I've seen this year.

They turned left, so we turned right so as not to bother them.  And we continued our tour....

The tour took in all 5 parcels of the refuge...  lunch time came and went....  finally we got back to the headquarters office around 1:30 or so.

The next part of my job was to show Travis how to use the riding mower.  I'm probably one of the rare people who really enjoy mowing grass....  but then, that zero-turn John Deere is such a beauty to use...

Didn't take him long to catch on to zero-turn...  and I drove home for a late lunch.

Got back to the garage... Bill had problems with the backhoe today...  I won't go into all that entailed...  but tomorrow morning we'll drive down to Houlton to pick up some tires and a new rim. 

It's been in the 50's all day....  spit rain at times.... no sunshine....  Yukky weather!

I have on wool socks, jeans, a long sleeve tee, a sweatshirt, AND a fleece lined winter jacket.

I have to laugh about it.... I spend the winter in Mexico or Costa Rica...  wear shorts and sandals.... get a tan....  then come back to Maine for the summer and wear winter weight clothes, a warm hat and my tan quickly fades.

That's All For Today!


  1. Great photos! But boy, I wouldn't like to have these bears around my property. When I lived in Europe I always thought it "cute". But after they came up to our kitchen window in Alberta my saying is: I don't want to see a bear! When I am able to see it, it is definitely too close for my taste.
    The dogs chased them away at that time. But ever since I was nervous around in my garden, hearing tiny branches snapping everywhere. Creepy.
    Luckily we don't have them here on the island and I can take the dog for a walk without being afraid.

  2. You have great wildlife shots. That is an abundant place...Say out out the path of those guys. It's good you have a great camera and lenses.

  3. What a wonderful day! I'd rather be. cold than to hot

  4. thanks for sharing all you furry critters with us...

  5. I remember the wonderful tour you gave us of the refuge. It was a lot of fun! You are so knowledgable and made it really interesting.
    I love your amazing photos!

  6. That sounds like a fine, productive day to me. Personally, I prefer cooler weather. Glad you caught the shot of the baby moose! Our moose population is shrinking here in Minnesota so I'm glad they're doing well in Maine.

  7. Oh , I LOVE the baby Moose !!! Good bear shot too.

  8. Sounds like a good start to your summer. The bear photo is superb, and, best of all, you were no where around. Hope the rest of the time is as enjoyable.

  9. I can "bearly" stand to see all of your wildlife photos! Love moose, love bear!! Keep on shooting and thanks again for sharing.

  10. That is a fantastic bear picture. And the baby moose - wow what a treat.

  11. What incredible sightings. Every day is an adventure!

  12. I am loving your wildlife photos--great bear shot on the wildlife camera!! I will just visit Maine through your eyes this summer--probably not getting my husband up there.