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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday - Mowing and More

Another great day here at Aroostook NWR.... up here in the NE corner of Maine.  The day started out with my usual drive around the refuge.  This is when I check my game cameras and trade out the memory cards.

I was pulling up to the first camera and saw these guys...
Oops... sorry...  a guy and a gal.  The cow watched me as I changed out the memory card, but just for a minute...  then they headed off into the woods.  Speaking of the woods...  look at those spruce trees!  Often I get a good whiff of their scent...  and I just want to stand there and inhale that lovely smell!

The 2nd camera yielded no photos...  I'm going to move it soon.  Just haven't gotten around to it.  And yesterday Bill & I put out 2 other cameras in a rather remote spot...  A spot that is obviously a favorite with bears.... lots of bear poop around and lots of places where bear had laid down.  I'll wait about a week before I collect those memory cards.

I had time to download my photos when I got back to the rig...
I was rewarded with this great shot of the bull and cow...  taken by the game camera about 5 minutes before I drove up.  That bull is getting some pretty impressive paddles!

I always stop at the Dilemma Pond.  Usually I see a beaver or two.. but this morning all was quiet...
This pair of ring-neck ducks were just hanging out.  You can see the fog rising in the background...  a 2nd pond is there.  I often see moose on the far bank, but not today.

I had more mowing to do today and headed out shortly after 6am.  I always carry a small camera with me...  one never knows what one might come across ;-)
This ruffed grouse was walking around in the road.  (up here in Maine, they're called Partridges).  Just after it disappeared into the weeds, I saw a chick fly across the road to be with its mama.  This is the first grouse I've come across this year...  I'll be on the lookout now for families.

Just beyond the grouse something caught my eye...
This cow moose was on the road ahead of me....  I decided to turn the mower around and head back...  I love seeing the critters but really try not to invade their territory.

An upland sandpiper
I saw one in the same area the other day...  she had at least 3 chicks with her.  It seems kind of early for them, but it's always good to see that they are producing young.

As I was mowing along the road and heading back to the maintenance shop, I had to stop for these pictures...

The lupines are just beautiful!
I know I have to get to a couple other areas soon to get some photos of them...  all too soon they'll be gone.

I love mowing...  not only does it make the edges of the roads look neater and the trails nicely groomed, but it's a great opportunity to see whatever there is to see.

I spent the afternoon manning the visitor center.  I was asked if I have to clean it.  Well, actually I don't have to... I can pretty much choose my jobs here.  BUT...  I do clean it.  It's not a difficult thing to do, and as corny as it sounds, I feel that any way that I can help while volunteering here is small considering all that I get in return. 
Where else could I see such marvelous sights and be a part of conserving the future?

That's All for Today! 


  1. Love the lupine & the moose!! U guys always look so happy.. U have opened my eyes to volunteering and what things u see & get to do!!!

  2. You're in my neck of the woods! I love your photographs. Enjoy the beautiful Maine backcountry! :)

  3. I loved your last couple sentences and of course all the wildlife photos!! Especially the moose!

  4. You had a really productive day. You must have the camera ready at all times!

  5. Love your pictures! Are you still keeping count of bears and moose?

  6. Blast! I want to see a moose. I'm in Montana for crying out loud! people are amazed I haven't seen one... yeah, well... so am I. I don't now what I'm doing wrong.

    Want to see a big horn sheep too before I leave...

    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Wow. That's a lot of critters. I've only see a couple moose in my entire life, and each time I just about pooped my drawers. They are big animals.
    Seems you are having just a fine time. Nice to see.

  8. What an idyll! Work never looked so good.

  9. Love the pics -- your job sounds like something we would definitely be interested in!

  10. Hi guys, looks like you're having a good time. I'll bet the weather is great. Excellent photos, thanks for sharing.