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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bears, Moose and Geese... Oh MY!

I'm having trouble coming up with blog titles...  "Mostly Moose".....  "Bountiful Bears"....  "Redundant Day"...  Heck, I don't know...    I do know that for the next 3 months the photos will most likely be of Maine wildlife.  Actually, I do have a couple of other blogs in mind, but they'll take more time than I seem to have each evening these days.

Wanna see a moose up close... REALLY up close?
This guy is having a midnight snack right in front of one of my game cameras.  The cameras don't "flash" at night, but do exhibit a red light when they snap a picture.  Some critters notice it...  some either don't notice it or don't care.  

Now, I said REALLY up close, didn't I?

Oops!  Sorry for the invasion of privacy....  almost like one of Judy's "The End" shots, huh?

Remember the fox from my last blog?
Again, not very sharp... but definitely a fox.  Looks like he makes his rounds every night.

My other game camera hasn't picked up anything yet.  I think tomorrow I'll move it to a different location.  

Most of today I spent mowing...  
I have no problem hooking up the trailer....  no problem loading the mower...  no problem driving to my location.  BUT...  I am the worst trailer "backer-upper" in the world!  For that matter, I don't do real well backing up the truck without the trailer.  Today, Bill & Kirk were behind me to do another project and Kirk turned it all around so I could just drive out when I got done mowing.  And Bill can back up anything!  He can put our rig in any spot...  no matter where.  Maybe I'll practice some while we're here.....  (no, not with the rig)

I mowed trails today..... 
I came across a big patch of blue-eyed grass.  I couldn't bear to mow it...  it can wait until the next time I do trail maintenance.

Came across this lady on my morning drive...  she stopped to check me out....

This lady was cooling her heels in the beaver pond.

This family of Canada Geese were on one of the lakes.  They are so protective of their young...  the parents always keep the chicks between them.

I saw a pair of hooded mergansers today...  but didn't get a good photo of them...

One thing I did get a decent picture of is this...
Probably because it was laying dead on the maintenance shop floor. I think it's a "common baskettail" dragonfly.  Carolyn, correct me if I'm wrong.  I wish it had some exotic name like "Masked Clubskimmer" or "Cherry-Faced Meadowhawk"...  or even "Brimstone Clubtail"  (all species of dragonflies)...  but, alas, I always find another "common" something or other....

I did see a couple of bears today.  I was so astounded to see that the back of one of them was just caked with mud.  So much so that I didn't react in time to shoot the picture.  Kirk told me that the bears will wallow in mud ...  that will keep the black flies from biting them.  

I might consider that myself - wonder if it works for humans?

That's All For Today...


  1. Great pictures...that one moose looks like she is posing just for you. The game camera sure got some funny shots. You must be having a grand time. And I'm glad you didn't mow the flowers down!!

  2. That is one close moose, all right! Funny comments you made there on that one, too! You crack me up.

  3. Great photos!! Mike can back up anything too, he parallel parked a huge, long trailer with a sheep wagon on it in downtown Denver in front of some fancy/schmancy hotel one time--that one drew quite the crowd of onlookers. Me, I am mediocre--I can back up a gooseneck but a bumper pull--I wander all over the place! Guess that's one of the reasons we keep those guys around! I don't think I could get anything done there with all the wildlife to watch!!

  4. I love the fanciful names of the dragonflies--cherryfaced meadow-hawk is great!

  5. The photos just keep getting better and better! I think you should just call that dragonfly whatever you like. My brother, who is wonderful and also learning-disabled, loves to go birding with us. But he didn't get at first that the birds already had names. So one day he told me he saw a new bird. He said he thought it was a Spotted Pin Bird. We had given him a birding book and, although I had never heard of the Spotted Pin Bird, I thought maybe he had found something in his book that sounded a little like that. So I asked, "How do you know it was a Spotted Pin Bird?" His response: " 'Cause it was spotted and it looked like a pin!"