Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, June 25, 2012

Heat Wave? Wildfires? Nope... Rain and More Rain

Like the title of this post says...  we're getting a lot of rain.

It started last week with a real crash-banger.  Knocked out the electric for several hours.  In fact, it must have hit one of the transformers up at the Visitor Center because only parts of the building had electric when it did come back on.   And wouldn't you know...  it was the part that controls the phones.

Actually, it isn't a real big deal.  We manage pretty well, even with limited power.  In fact, our motorhome is totally self-sufficient as we can use either battery power or the generator if necessary.

I haven't been seeing many critters lately...  don't know if they've changed their eating habits or maybe they're hunkered down from the rain.  But my game camera picked this up a day ago...
Mama deer and her young fawn
The doe looks kind of "moth-eaten" around her neck.  Wouldn't doubt but that the deer flies have been munching down there.

I was thrilled when this guy came to my feeder..
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
I hope I get a better shot of him...  that rose colored breast is just beautiful!

Another bird we've been seeing a lot of is...
The Purple Finch
I bought this collapsible feeder in Texas...  now it's filled with black oiler sunflower seeds and getting a lot of use.

Not at the feeder, but fun to see...
Two families of Canada Geese
Out on the marsh for a morning swim.

There are lots of wildflowers blooming now...
This Ragged Robin is really pretty....  growing among the white daisies and yellow buttercups, it provides a lovely contrast in color.

We've been doing some trail maintenance...  Bill used the bushhog on some trails that hadn't been mowed yet this year.  There were some trees blocking parts of the trails...
Here's Bill...  using a bow saw to cut through the trunk of this spruce.  
Notice he's well covered with a "bug" jacket and veil...  the mosquitoes and moose flies really come out in this rainy weather!
And yet another tree...

Hauling it off into the woods...

Oh No!  Not another one!  At least they don't require a chain saw.  

All that Rain...  but a little sunshine now and then...
I can't even get the ends of this rainbow in my picture.
I took this around 7pm last evening.  Isn't there something about when the sun is low on the horizon, the rainbow will be arched higher...  or do I just think that?
I don't know...  I only know that I love seeing rainbows and have no doubt that that pot of gold is always there just waiting for me to find it.

That's All For Today!


  1. Fawns are always such a precious sight!!! And I too would be thrilled if a Rose-breasted Grosbeak visited my feeder...I have yet to see one, only Black-headed and Evening Grosbeaks.

    Looks like a lovely area you are in...hopefully the su will shine for you soon!

  2. What a glorious place you are in!

  3. Great looking photos again. Sure is a nice area even with the rain.

  4. I hope you find that pot of gold soon...but in reality you have.....look at all those beautiful pictures and it proves it.

  5. The doe and the fawn make a lovely shot. The grosbeak is so beautiful. I've seen them in Wisconsin, but not here in Ohio.