Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Less Talk...

But not much action....

I'm beginning to feel like a stuck record...
Wait a minute...  is there such a thing as a "record" these days?  Do CDs or whatever folks play get stuck in a groove and just repeat something over and over again?  I don't know...  but since many of our days are somewhat repetitive, I'll just post some photos with a brief (for me) narrative...

The fires across the valley are a nightly occurrence.  
When it gets dark you can see the flames as they work their way up the hillsides.  

My field guide doesn't show any differences between the male and female Cinnamon Hummingbird.
I'm wondering if this is a juvenile?  or maybe a female?  It's not nearly colored the rich brown that the little King of the Feeder is.  Still...  it's attractive.

I walked out onto our upstairs deck this morning...  saw this group of pelicans winging their way across the sky....  waaaaay.... up in the distance.  The first time I realized that pelicans formed a "V" formation when they fly was years ago when we were volunteering at Santa Ana NWR, along the Rio Grande River in Texas.  

While I was out on the deck, I got another good view of the Streaked-back Oriole...
Such a beautiful bird....  

And...  one of the ugliest birds...
When we walked to town, we saw about 8 black vultures along the beach...
They were having a great breakfast....  when we got there only these remains of that fish were left....
Thanks goodness we have these birds to clean up roadkills... or in this case, washed ashore...  dead critters.

We were walking down a tiny dirt road...  heading towards the beach, and I could hear some "grunts"..
Tethered to a wall, this huge pig had made kind a "wallow" in the soft dirt.  Now... keep in mind those are big block in that wall...  just look how big this guy is!
I suppose someone is raising him for future dinners....  but for now, he's as happy as a pig in ......  

Tomorrow we're going on another adventure, so maybe I'll have something a little more exciting to write about soon.

That's All For Today!


  1. More nice pics..
    Thats just the way life is, wake up, do stuff, eat, go to bed, then do it over again, for as many years as we can.

  2. The comfort, really, of daily routines. And young people are collecting LP's once again. They claim the sound quality is much better than CD's, etc.

  3. Meh, you're in a routine. Nothing wrong with that. And your routine doesn't involve getting bundled up.

  4. Until visiting your blog, I had never even heard of a "Cinnamon" Hummingbird - and that Oriole is just gorgeous!

  5. I still love reading your blog--it's always something interesting to me!

  6. I would think that's the idea ... comfort and joy ... comfort and joy! isn't that song... ?... Christmas song? aw, jeeeez I'll have to google... ha! from God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen... well, I never. Morning, Sharon ~ it's cold but sunny in little ol Little Rock this morning ;)

  7. A pig ties to the wall....guess you see all kind of weird things.

  8. That is one big hog! Fun things you see each day. Keep up the adventures, you're doing great!

  9. Yes, CD's can get stuck in a track. Happens to some of my most beloved traveling books.

  10. Actually, I think CDs are about to be a thing of the past , as well:(