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Monday, February 3, 2014

Half Way.....

It's kind of hard to believe but we've been here in Costa Rica for 6 weeks...  and have only 6 weeks more before returning to the States.  It's interesting to me because for a couple of years we left the USA for a month...  then for 2 months...  now...  this year for 3 months.  Of course this doesn't include the winters we lived in Mexico...  we drove our motorhome there and traveled all over.  It's different when you have to pack a bag, (hoping you have everything you need) and go through all that hoopla at the airport...  and have nothing familiar around you. We're getting used to it...  and still loving this life so much we are thinking of future adventures.

But for now...  at 6am this morning, the skies were gorgeous...
 Looking towards the East...  the sun will come through in just a few minutes....
But for now...  the pinks and purples...  and the calm of the early morning...  It's all so beautiful!
 And looking across from us...
I've written about our water problems...  and mentioned that we're about 1.5 miles from the center of town.  We walk to town every day.  We're the only folks in a condo that has 9 units....  no neighbors...  no noise...  nothing except hearing the monkeys howling across the valley...  or listening to the grackles (yeah, we got those pesky guys here, too) or other birds.  
Only ours and one other of these 9 units is habitable.  Most folks who come to Costa Rica on vacation expect a pristine swimming pool right outside their door.  Well, the pool is there, but the pool is either not finished or not usable...  not sure which.  Whatever..... neither of us swim anyway, and we have a spectacular view of the valley...  but no neighbors!

So...  if the water problems get resolved, so much the better.  Right now, it's okay....  and with only 6 more week to go, we're kind of settled in to "our spot".

We saw some howler monkeys on our way to town....
Yeah, you're seeing what you think you're seeing...
Those guys are real exhibitionists...  they flaunt it all!  I've been reading George Yates blogs about Quartzite and the guy who wears a knitted sack over his privates...  Hey, even he'd be impressed with these guys!

I had hoped to get some photos of the butterflies here...  haven't had much luck....  Only saw a Morpha once...  see malachite (my very favorite) all the time, but haven't got a photo yet...  But saw this... kind of worn, but it's an....
Arizona Sister
I'm either not as quick as I once was...  or these guys are moving at top speed...
No matter...  they are beautiful and I'll catch them when I can.

This tree is located just as we head off the paved road and onto Coco Beach.  I always think of my Dad when we pass it.....
The men hang out here....
During the week, when the fishing boats come in, there'll be a half dozen or more guys just hanging out.  Or at least that's what it looks like to me.  There may be a car or truck or bicycle parked nearby.  So...  why my Dad?  Well, when I was just a little kid, I lived in a coal mining town.  There was a big tree (looked huge to me back then) along the road...  there wasn't any grass around it...  just a big clearing.  The men who weren't on shift, or maybe weren't working at all, would gather around it ...  maybe during the day?  evening?  They'd squat down on their haunches....  hey... have you ever tried to do that?  And they'd talk.  Only men....  no women.  However if you're a little kid, like I was, you could be with your Dad and nobody even looked at you.  (sort of like going with him to the barber shop...  another strictly male place).  I never see any women under this tree...  just men....  I try not to look too close...  are they drinking?  smoking?  I don't know....  it's a male place and not for the likes of me.

On Monday, Bill & I are going to Nicaragua...  our visa for Costa Rica is good for 90 days and since we'll be here a bit longer, we have to leave the country...  get our passports stamped...  re-enter ....  and stay the rest of our time.  We decided to take a tour bus/guide.....  it will be a day trip... but a long day.  The bus picks us up at 5am...  we'll get home late in the afternoon.  So....  just to let y'all know that when we get back Monday evening I won't have time to process my photos or write my blog.

I have so much enjoyed writing this blog since our arrival here...  and even more, love all your comments and input.  Y'all are a great group to be friends with.  I love it!  I'll catch up soon.

That's All For Today!


  1. Nothing like have no close neighbors, and a nice [place to enjoy the scenery.
    Those monkeys are bold at least neeked Paul wears, sandals, a hat and a tiny bit of coverup.
    Enjoy your bus trip.

  2. I finally looked up Costa Rica and Nicaragua just so I'd know where you are going. It's been too long since I had geography. ;)

  3. No!!! You can't possibly have been there six weeks already. My Dad and his buddies always went for coffee at the M&M Cafe (which no longer exists). None of them drank coffee (hot water, cocoa, tea but no coffee) but they always went to coffee.

  4. Amazing you have been there six weeks all ready. Have fun on your day trip.

  5. I agree, tempus fugit. Has it been six weeks of fun and great pictures already? Well, carry on.

  6. Your beautiful skies are breath-taking! Enjoy your visit to Nicaragua!

  7. That is incredible that it's been six weeks! Well? I sure have enjoyed each and every post you've posted...

    My Dad and his pals put on their suits and ties ... each morning ~ Monday thru Friday ~ after retirement and met at The Coffee Cup for eons... it changed ownership and one of the guys got a DIRTY spoon ... so they moved it to King's Row Inn... a dirty spoon? and he pooh poohed my Mother and her sister for changing beauty parlors they went to EVERY Saturday when they found something out of whack ... which they did often...

    sigh ~ interesting generation f'sure