Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Riot.... of Color....

The average temperature here is 81 degrees F.  - year round.  So there's no lack of trees with leaves, or of flowers in bloom.  During the dry season things look a little brown as the weeds die back and even the leaves on the trees wither and fall off...  but not all...  Seems like there's always something in bloom here...
 A beautiful blue flower on a vine covering a fence...

 This tree looks like it has cotton balls all over it....

One of the many colors of Bougainvillea...
I've read that there are from 4 to 18 different species of bougainvillea

And over 80 colors and shades of colors are available... 

Sometimes there are even 2 colors on the same flower.....

Look at the little flower within the purple petals...  I know that they all have proper names like stamen, pistil, anther, petal,  etc.... but let's just enjoy them for their beauty for now.

One of the trees in bloom in our neighborhood... 

 More bougainvillea...

Another gorgeous tree.... 

 A hibiscus in bloom...

And last...  a tree that while past its prime, is still a thing of beauty.

The colors are just lovely....  and it's interesting how many birds will be up in the tree-tops, picking off  and nibbling at the blossoms.

That's All For Today!


  1. 81 degrees year round , now thats my kind of weather.
    More wonderful pics again.

  2. I bet the hummingbirds like all those blooms too!

  3. Very beautiful there. Of course if you look hard enough, you can find beauty everywhere but it seems so much easier where you are. Thanks for the lovely flower pictures.

  4. Oh, your photos bring back wonderfully colorful days in Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring. It's generally a little cooler than you're experiencing, at about 75 F. every day of the year in Antigua, where I lived. The only change in climate is that during the rainy season, it rains almost every single day. The colors (birds, flowers, snakes, buildings, clothing, etc.) are truly gorgeous.
    And, I agree with Dizzy-Dick: one can find beauty everywhere if one looks hard enough.

  5. Such beauty abounds there! I love all the brightly colored blossoms! We still have snow, and below zero this morning.

  6. Love to see all that color! Right now, about all the color we're seeing is white, since everything is still pretty much covered in snow. It is beginning to melt, and should continue, based on the weather forecast that I saw this morning. The roads are looking better, and the utility crews are working hard to clear downed trees and limbs and restore power to the 15,000 or so customers still without power. We were fortunate here, and did not have any outage. Hope your water is working well for you.

  7. Oh... my word..... LOOK at all the flowers!!!! Lovely, just wonderful!