Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, February 14, 2014

Breakfast and the Rickety Bridge

We took our usual walk this morning.  While we would have gotten an earlier start, but one of our things to do in Coco today was to book for the Palo Verde National Park Tempisque River boat tour.  We'll do that next Tuesday with our friends Steve and Ann.  Since Elvis isn't working at that agency now we had to catch Luis when he was in as he booked Steve and Ann's tour and we wanted to make sure we were on the same one.

Tico time is a little "iffy'....  and sure enough, when we got there, Luis wasn't at work yet.  However, after a short wait, he drove up and did all the book work.  Of course, they'll be a post about the tour later.

I don't know if it's the heat or what, but by 9:30 I was starving.  We have breakfast around 6:30 am, and usually have lunch around 11:30, so I should have been just fine.  Maybe it's the power of suggestion, as we walk past the Jardin Tropical every morning...  and Nelson, the maitre d...  (don't laugh...  what else would you call the guy who stands out on the street and hustles folks to come into the restaurant every day?  He offers you a menu and everything!)...  anyway, Nelson gave us his usual "Good Morning...  or Bueno dias" as we passed by on our way to the travel agency, and I just couldn't get that food off my mind.  So....
 As soon as we'd booked the tour, we walked right back to the restaurant...  ordered a "typical Costa Rican Breakfast"....  and here we are with our "jugo de naranja"  (orange juice) while waiting for it to appear.  White rice, black beans, scrambled eggs and a tortilla.  I got the vegetarian order which also included a couple slices of tomato, a couple slices of avocado, and a small piece of fresh cheese.  It really makes a very filling meal...  I did share my extra veggies with Bill.....    

I often write about the "Rickety Bridge"....
This collage shows it all.....
About 100' of pure disaster!  If it did collapse with you, you wouldn't fall very far.  About the worst that could happen is that you'd get scraped up...  well, maybe break a leg if you fell just right.  As you can see on the far right, the hand rail, being what it is (or isn't) really isn't much support.  If you really don't want to cross it, you could take off your shoes and wade across the creek that it (sort of) spans.  Each day we walk over it there are more patches...  more broken boards.....  more shaky parts.  One really neat thing is that the creek it spans hosts the best birding area we've seen here......  egrets, herons, sandpipers, kingfishers.... even a Black hawk and black vultures.....  kiskadees and other flycatchers.  

After breakfast we headed on up the street to the AutoMercado.  We planned for this to be our "big" grocery shopping day...  the day to stock up on those 2 litre bottles of ginger ale and green tea...  the day to buy several boxes of box wine (which they didn't have today)...  the day for eggs and veggies that get crushed in a back pack.  The day to take a taxi back to our condo.

So we were home around 11:00....  and we didn't have to walk up that gawd-awful hill (although it really is getting somewhat easier...  after 2 months one would think so, but.....)   And the afternoon was spent reading, knitting and computer stuff.  

Not bad for a hot, and now muggy, day.

That's All For Today!


  1. The Rickety Bridge is well-named! Thank you for sharing those photos with us! Some days you just have to eat regardless of the time--your breakfast sounds yummy. Ticso time is so good for us...look forward to the days when both my husband & I can be there! Have a wonderful trip to the national park--looking forward to your photos! What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Thats how we enjoy our days, get chores done in the morning and the rest of the day to play.
    Sounds perfect.

  3. Oh man, that's an early time for breakfast. I can't look at food until well after eight, and even then that's a bit early for me.
    I think I'd be wading instead of trying my luck on the bridge.

  4. It was nice to see you and Bill sitting there in shorts and sleeveless top enjoying breakfast as most of us here in the northeast are busy digging out from yet another major winter storm...but then it IS still winter and tis the season.

  5. That is a rickety bridge! You both look so comfortable and at ease!

  6. Nice weather from the looks of your clothing. We have 8 degrees and fog this morning...and still lots of snow. Nothing green here, lol. That bridge looks to be a challenge to cross!

  7. May not be safe to wade, may be parasites in that warm water.

  8. There certainly are more spans to be jumped on that bridge than when you started. And there probably are leeches in the water. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  9. I guess your bridge keeps your feet from getting wet.