Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cool, Clear Water.....

Remember that old Sons of the Pioneers (and Marty Robbins) song?  

All Day I face
the barren waste
without the taste of water,
cool water
Old Dan and I
with throats burned dry
and souls that cry
for water,
cool, clear water

Well, we never actually had throats burned dry, but we were sure wanting to get showers!  Wednesday, our landlord brought these to our condo...
 A pump and a holding tank!  WhoooHooo...  the start of a major water fix!
The workers who are going to install it all...  Here they are digging up the valve out by the road so they can trace the water line to the condo.

Up on the deck...  they take up the tank and pump....

Now it's time to find where it all ties in to....
Hmmmm...  no luck...  So what do they do?  
Dig a new trench from out at the road, clear down to this condo...  they don't have quite enough conduit and head to town to buy some more.
Bill sees what's going on and calls the landlord.  Robert makes haste to come over...

He tells them that he doesn't want another line laid...  that the line is down there...  keep digging.
And they do...  
They find all manner of conduit down there...  and one of them is the water line to these units.

This guy has been living next door...  not sure what capacity he was working, but he did his share of grunt work.  Once they found the line, they quit digging...  didn't dig another foot or so to the right where the joint was...  just cut into this line and added another joint...

Okay...  now they've found the water line and it has to be tied into the holding tank and pump.  They tell Bill they'll be back on Thursday.  Thursday comes and goes..  We get an e-mail from Robert telling us they'll be back at 7:30 this morning (Friday).  Around 8:30, it's still pretty quiet here...  we walk into town.  As it happens, we see Robert on the street.  He asks...  we answer...  He's angry...  he says he'll keep on the guys until they finish.

Not too long after we get home, the workers appear...
Looks like a bag of fittings, a hacksaw...  yep...  they're ready to finish.

I don't know why they didn't just go straight up and under the roof as there's plenty of room....
they used a lot of conduit and a lot of fittings to get to the other side...  Oh well...  they did get it done.

The job is done!  Today's work didn't take more than an hour.

  So when the main well is turned on, it will feed our new tank.  But even when the main well is turned off, the new pump and holding tank will supply us with plenty of water.

There is one other step to happen...  Robert will have a welder build a cage around the new tank and pump...  seems thieves are happy to carry off what they can...  and this would be a real prize!

I know it's a real prize to us...  even a bit of a treasure!

The shadows sway and seem to say,
tonight we pray for water,
cool water
And way up there
He'll hear our prayer
and show us where there's water,
cool, clear water

That's All For Today!


  1. Now that is great you have water! finally, and pressure.
    You will not want to leave.

  2. Yea, finally you will have water when you want it! I think I could live without electricity for a while but not water!

  3. Oh Sharon, your post brings back memories of living in Guatemala! I know we're "regulation-ed to death" here in most of the US, but stories like yours remind me of getting things fixed in other countries! I'm currently in Louisiana and find some of that down home ingenuity your photos depict here, too. Some good and some not so good. Hope it all works out for you to be able to shower - mostly whenever you'd like!

  4. Wow - what an engineering job. Hope it works well though. Just saw a Marty Robbins museum?/store in Willcox AZ a couple of days ago....

  5. One picture really struck me. Is Bill wearing a kilt??? ;)

  6. I wonder who Robert rented to before. Itinerants? "Have unit, will supply necessaries on request." Or not!
    Quite the adventure.

  7. LOVED this post! There's no end to your adventures, and all seem to be taken in stride and with good humor on your part. I remember that Marty Robbins song, always really liked his singing. Those lyrics fit your situation perfectly - LOL!!

  8. Yay, water! and s Joanne said.. who rented this before? the next tenants owe you and Bill!

  9. I was wondering if the tanks are sitting on the deck/roof. When full, I wonder if they are too heavy and might come through the laundry roof. I guess it must be okay, but I know how heavy water is. Hopefully all is well - and it IS nice to have water, I'm sure. If this fix works, it will be even better than before. :)

  10. These guys provide a great show! It sounds like a Comedy of Errors

  11. Water--steady, free-flowing water! Hooray!

  12. That sure has been an ongoing struggle for you guys. Glad you finally have a solution. Happy showers!!