Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday... Birds and the Beach

The beaches get crowded on the weekends....  and the park that runs alongside the sea is full of picnickers, campers, food vendors and the like.  So we headed into Coco before 8am for our morning walk.

The swallows were back today...  hundreds of them...
Looks like more than one species to me....  
They are so darned fast when they fly over that it's hard to get an "action" shot.  Of course we can only imagine how many insects they are devouring.  We've had mosquitoes in our bedroom the past few nights....
Wonder if I could capture a few of these birds and turn them loose there?  Oh, but then I suppose we'd have a different problem.

I must look up "gecko"....  we have a couple that live in our condo.  If they eat mosquitoes they aren't doing a real good job right now.  These little guys are only about 3" or 4" in length, but you ought to hear them talk to each other around 3 or 4:00 in the morning!

And, we had a pair (well, at least 2... not sure of the sex) of Turquoise-browed Motmots again today...
Beautiful, isn't it?

Oh yeah...  our walk to town....
We like walking down to the beach...  there's always something interesting going on there.  Yesterday we met the young man who was building the sand sculptures...  I didn't get a picture of him beside his work, but as we talked, we learned his name is Edwin.  He's from a place in southern Costa Rica, and plans to go to college soon.  His English was quite good...  and when I complimented him, he told us he's having problems with using the right tense and things like that.  He thought maybe we could work together for his English and our Spanish...  but believe me, his English is FAR better than my Spanish!
His tent was gone today....  his sand sculpture looks to be in disrepair.  Guess we'll see what it all looks like tomorrow.

We decided to stay on the beach and not walk through town.  There is a tiny restaurant about a quarter of a mile up the beach that makes delicious smoothies.  Seemed like a good destination for an early Saturday morning.

I saw several of these fish laying dead on the beach.  Hmmmm....  not quite big enough to fix for dinner....
They made me think of sardines....
Or those little fishes they serve in bars sometimes...  you know... they are deep fried and you eat the bones and all????  I'll think of the name maybe around 2am in the morning...  or, I bet someone out there knows.

Anyway...  I had a Verde ? smoothie....  green mango, pineapple, orange juice, mint, honey and maybe something else.  Bill had a Gringo ?....  banana, pineapple...  heck, I don't know what all.  I only know that after we ordered and paid we waited outside at a table for at least a half hour before we were served.

Not all bad...  Steve and Ann bicycled by and we caught up on our lives.....

We walked the beach back and didn't even bother to walk into Coco....  sometimes the rush of the tide coming in... or going out...  and the sight of the seabirds...  and the boats in the harbor...  sometimes that's just enough.

That's All For Today!


  1. That MotMot is sure a pretty bird! Love your "Birds on a Wire" shot.

  2. Birds on the wire--priceless! I hope the smoothies were worth the wait. I'm surprised the geckos aren't eating the mosquitos--maybe they're worn out from talking!

  3. One of your best traits is that you are interested in most things and most people. That is a great combination for enjoying life.

  4. This sounds like a great place to stay and live. The pace is slow and laid back.

  5. Something a little sad about crumbling sand castles:(

  6. In New England, we call them smelts.