Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Decisions, Decisions.....

What's a person to do?

We know we'll be here 2 weeks at the most.  Bill has a doctor appt in Columbus on Monday...  I have plans for lunch with some of the women I used to work with...  things...  you know...  just things.

So..  should I put up a hummingbird feeder?  Or fill a seed feeder with black oiler sunflower seeds?  Should I buy a mineral block and a bag of sweet mix (horse feed) to put out for the deer?

Dogwood in bloom along the edge of the driveway....

I know...  not earth shattering decisions...  but I love having the wildlife come in close.  I like being able to maybe help them when maybe the flowers don't have much nectar...  or a pregnant doe doesn't feel like traveling far for dinner.  And quite selfishly, I love being able to see critters up close...  possibly a rose breasted grosbeak...  maybe the pugnacious ruby-throated hummingbird who dive-bombs anyone else who comes near his feeder.

Beautiful Dogwood Blossoms...

We went to the Farmer's Market this morning.   I forgot my camera!  But there was Rich...  selling his freshly made bratwurst and other pork products.  He also sells domestic rabbits (dressed), but I bought some bratwurst for tonight's dinner.

We saw Ed...  his wife Amy wasn't there today.  We've known Ed for over 30 years...  Bill & I sold our products at the market for 18 years...  Bill was president of the market for several years before we bought our motorhome.  Ed is also "Certified Organic" (as we were as well) - raising chemical free produce before it was fashionable.

More Dogwood...

We bought some fresh asparagus from John - and he even had a bag of Melrose apples which are Bill's favorites.  I got to catch up with Jackie, his wife....  it's been a while.

The market is going through some big changes this year...  it's been a part of the "Athens Culture" for at least 35 years now....  a place to buy quality foods as well as a weekly social gathering.  We'll be here for a couple of weeks, but when we stop back in this coming September, we'll see what's happening with it then.

Looking underneath...  up to the sky...

We were home before lunch...  so much to do here on the place...  can hardly call it "the farm" anymore, but I guess that's what it'll always be to me.

Our son works until around 5pm...  I was anxious to see him again.  I tease him...  tell him he's my favorite son.  (well he is!)....  I could add that he's my favorite first-born....  which he is.  He's 51 now...  hardly a kid...  but when I see my kids I light up like a Christmas tree!  And...  just to set the record straight...  he is my only son, he is the oldest of my kids.  I also have a daughter and two step-daughters, who are like my own.  I am very fortunate!

What used to be our garden.....  now it's just another place that needs mowed.  
Time does march on, doesn't it?

Anyway, Bill & I headed into town to visit Danny when he got off work.  We'll catch up more later.  I got in touch with my sister...  hope to have breakfast...  or maybe dinner ???...  with her and my brother soon.

It's always a mad rush to contact the few people who I still keep in contact with here...  and try to arrange a lunch together....  we four women have gotten together for years now....  we range in age from mid 50's to late 70's....  but are still good friends.  I'm sure looking forward to seeing them again.

And...  I really want to walk on the bike path before the spring wildflowers are gone.  Before it was a bike path some of my botany and biology classes were learning those trees and flowers that bloom there.  It used to be an old railroad bed...  and those are some of the best places for native plants.  Now it's a "rails to trails" bike/hike path.  But to me, it will always be my "classroom" where I became so enamored of the spring wildflowers.

Another great thing about today...  I posted a photo of where we're parked so you know it's close to the woods.  Today I heard the Wood thrush's melodious song.....  I really think it's one of the most beautiful bird songs I've ever heard.  And much to my dismay...  I heard birds I'm not sure about...  red-eyed vireo?  white-eyed vireo?  veery?  what kind of warbler?  I even wore my hearing aids all day today....  but alas...  unless it's a bird I'm totally familiar with, I'm hopelessly lost.  

Oh well...  it's been a great day...  Spring in southeast Ohio is always great!  I'll let you know tomorrow what I decide about the various feeders.  But I bet you already know.....

That's All For Today!


  1. I so enjoy reading your blog! I'm always anxious to hear about what birds and animals you're seeing and feeding! lol. It's wonderful that you get to see old friends too.

  2. No dogwood blossoms yet for us. But, it's in the air now. Have a lot of wonderful reunions!

  3. I always wonder about short time feeders also. Cuz I feel bad when I have to take them down. But I say, go for it. Becki

  4. I like to feed the critters too, even if it's only the backyard squirrels. We carried a bag of dry cat food with us on this trip as there used to be a large community of feral cats in Mt. Shasta. We drove around to where they used to hang out but didn't see any of them. Maybe they have all been rounded up - hard to say. I bet the critters in your area will be getting some free meals soon!!

  5. Go for it. We always leave a bunch of seed on the ground after we leave because we feel bad when we leave.

  6. Put them up--you won't regret it. And you CAN go home again...what a special place full of family, good friends & gorgeous flowers, birds...everything! Enjoy!!

  7. Haven't seen a dogwood blossom in many years, maybe they will still be in bloom when I head to Arkansas later this month.

  8. Seems like a no brainer to me. I put up my feeder yesterday before I even attached all my hookups. ;)

  9. Same here. "Go for it". Since it's "your spot" and not some campground, why not? Always fun to feed the wildlife. The birds at least. Not so sure about feeding skunks or bears.
    I love the idea of a pad at your home base. Best arrangement ever.

  10. You sure had yourself one lovely day! Yes, indeed, put out what you want to feed the birds, other wildlife and your soul! Enjoy while we can, each and everyday!