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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Wildlife Around Us....

I posted about my Mom yesterday.  I didn't mention that she was the one who "introduced" me to birds.  As a child she'd point out bluebirds, which she loved to see.  She said they brought happiness.  She loved the little wrens...  told me they were humble, but hard workers.  She had bird feeders outside her window and fed the birds all year round.  This was way before it was a popular thing to do and there wasn't much in the way of selection in bird feeders.  In fact, the early ones were homemade ...  wooden platforms.  I don't know when the Peterson Field Guide to the Birds was first published, but I'm betting it appeared in our household early on.

I followed her path....  when I got married I put up bird feeders.  My kids had "The Little Golden Book of Birds" at a very early age.  I remember so well the day they came running to me to tell me there was a mutant goldfinch at the feeder.  That was the year the Evening Grosbeaks first came to our area.

 Mr and Mrs Cardinal
He's more attractive with his topnot raised...  maybe I'll get that later.

White-breasted Nuthatch

Same bird in a more familiar pose.

Red-bellied woodpecker....

Those stiff tail feathers serve a purpose...  gives him leverage to really work that jack-hammer beak!

This Tufted titmouse has a sunflower seed in its bill...
And it really does have a "tuft"...  just not raised here.

As I was sitting inside, using my laptop....
This Hairy woodpecker hopped onto the tree right outside the window.  Look at this guy's big, strong beak!  He's similar to the little Downy woodpecker, but this one is larger, has a longer, stouter beak...  and, if you get the opportunity to look close, you'll see "whisker-like" hairs alongside his beak.

I call these shots "two-fers"
This mourning dove and chipmunk are sharing the ground food.

And, yes, the Ruby-throated hummingbirds are coming to the feeders..
You can barely see the red on his throat.

There's the goldfinch, chickadees, the chipping sparrows and a few others that stop by.  
And I sometimes see but often hear the Towhee, the Catbird, Wood thrush, Blue-gray gnatcatcher, bluebirds, robins, and the list goes on.....  I can thank my mom for passing on to me her interest in the birds and the desire to have them close by.

I took all of these photos either yesterday or today while I was in the motorhome looking out.  It makes a great photo blind!

Yes, we even have squirrels!
The End!

That's All For Today!


  1. You sure have a good selection of birds populating your area.
    Great pictures

  2. Maybe you had better invest in a bird seed company??

  3. Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. Wonderful pics. The birds finally showed up yesterday morning. The winds were so high the last couple of days no one was flying!

  4. Mutant goldfinch? Ha Ha! I'll say!

    The joy of seeing the birds is worth it, even if for only two weeks. :)

  5. Great photos and a great post, Sharon! I love birds, too. One phrase jumped out at me, "... that was the year the Evening Grosbeaks first came to our area." It struck me because I remember the first time a flock of EGs came to my feeder and that was 30 years or more ago. They really make an entrance! Sue

  6. That "Mutant Goldfinch" is a new species to me (grin). I have both grain bird feeders and liquid humming bird feeders. We get a lot of visitors. Love seeing them. Even the rabbits and the squirrels love them. Of course the rabbit is restricted to what falls to the ground (I do put a couple of scoops of feed on the ground in a couple of place for them).

  7. I live among birdwatchers, and that's how I have learned a few names of the wonderful species that visit or reside in our neck of the woods. It is a beautiful hobby, bird watching/photography, and I'm in awe of the patience and the skill both hobbies require. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. You see quite a variety of birds and critters! Just today I've seen a Brown Thrasher in my yard, two Swainson's Thrushes, White-throated Sparrows, Spotted Towhee, and of course the ever present Grackles.

  9. Lovely bird (and squirrel) pictures. We must have different varieties of these because, although I can put some of the names to birds in my own garden, they look quite different.

  10. My parents both could spot and identify birds, or start looking because they recognized the call. Just this morning I asked the road super about the bird I heard calling from the road garage. "Oh, the Carolina wren?" he asked. "We have all the bay doors open for him to leave. He's looking for love in the wrong place!"

  11. Own mothers have such a great influence on the kind of mothers that we turn out to be. I sometimes realize that so many things are just repeating the lessons patterned for me by my own mom. She wasn't interested in birds but she loved flowers and animals.

  12. Doesn't it make you feel good knowing you have helped them out a little bit!
    Great pictures.

  13. My Mom introduced me to birds as well. The first bird she showed me was a mallard Drake when I was about 4. I've never forgotten about it and did a blog post on it.

  14. Love the birds...feeding them, watching them and listening to their beautiful songs!! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!!

  15. Love birds and trees and such ... love your pictures of the birds ... and animals ;) I can hear Mourning Doves... I've lost the ability to hear the regular type birds .... deaf in the two highest tones ... so it's special when I can hear the Doves .... haha.. love the squirrel bottom... so cute

  16. I don't have the Little Golden Book still, but I do have a little green book of birds that Mrs. Bobo gave "To Danny and Donna, that you may come to love our feathered friends as much as I do." So sweet! Wish I still had your book, as well. But just to let you know, Evie is a TRUE bird lover... the love continues.