Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not for Everyone...

We had a visitor outside our motorhome today...  this time I'm not writing about the birds or the squirrels or chipmunks.  If you are squeamish about snakes just hit the close button right now....

Bill's been working hard all day...  some of you might remember the mess our rental was when we were here last fall...  it's a long story...  but it is getting in shape.  Anyway...  today Bill put down some flooring and various other things.  He came back to our motorhome around 4pm...  I gave him a glass of chablis...  he sat in his usual spot...  relaxing...  looked out the window and  then said... "There's a snake in that dead tree over the shed."
Yep!  Sure 'nuf.  A 4' black snake was winding its way towards the apple tree.  To our knowledge there are no bird nests in that area.  Yes, there is an old bluebird box just in front of that 2x4 you see in the photo...  but it's one of those "fixer-uppers" that is sadly in need of repair.  We haven't seen any occupants.

I don't know how it happened, but I'm the more likely one to get up close and personal with snakes.  Maybe because Bill grew up in New Mexico where snakes usually meant rattlers.  However, I'm the one who got bit by a copperhead many years ago, and, despite several days in the hospital, still love snakes.  

That all aside, this guy is really a "good guy".  I don't like it when they raid bluebird boxes...  but they redeem themselves by keeping the rodents at bay.

One time, many years ago, Bill was out of town.  I was walking up the steps from the stalls in the barn...  saw about 6" of "tail" hanging out of the unfinished insulation in the wall.  I started pulling...  wrapping what I pulled around my left wrist as I pulled with my right hand.  Six feet or so later I got to the head of the matter.  Yep...  a lovely black snake had decided to move in...  
Nope...  not here, my friend.  I carried him across the road and deposited him in that field.  
I might like snakes....  I might like them a lot and know they are good guys...  BUT...  I don't want to live up close and personal with them.

Honest folks...  this is a good guy.  He won't hurt you...  he'll keep the bad guys away.

We watched this snake as he retreated from the old apple tree...  down the dead honeysuckle vine...  into the shed...  which now has only a roof.

He's probably long gone by now.  He might be a good guy and a friend, but trust me...  I'll watch for him when I fill my bird feeders.  Bill will need to check under the hood of the rig before we leave.   It's the "startle effect" of seeing a snake that I still deal with.  

I'll report back if I see him again...

That's All For Today! 


  1. I like snakes and have caught a few. I even had a pet snake back when I was in college. On one trip home for summer vacation, I picked up a hitch-hiker. As we started down the road, he asked me what was in the box his feet were resting on. I told him it was my pet snake, but not to worry, it had gotten out about a half hour ago and it is in the car somewhere. He said, "this is where I get out".

  2. I am not a fan of snakes! But I enjoyed this post just the same!! lol

  3. Lucky snake:) It might not have fared as well with many of the rest of us cowards out there:)

  4. Yea, I agree with Chuck and Anneke!! I am not a fan of snakes either.

  5. You are so brave to take the clippings of the snake.

  6. Need those snakes to take care of the rodents like you said. Nice pictures!

  7. You are one brave woman Sharon--I'm not a fan of snakes but will let the harmless ones go their own way--but picking them up, nope! Our granddaughter--the one expecting a baby--was bitten by a rattlesnake in our driveway when she was six years old. She was one sick little girl and is now terrified of snakes, even photos!

  8. I'll look, but definitely won't touch. No matter how much he's a "good guy".

  9. Call me crazy, but I'm more afraid of spiders than snakes!! To my knowledge, we don't have any really bad snakes in my area so it's not an issue. Of course east of the cascades they have rattlers but not around here. Your pictures are great and I enjoyed them.

    Some folks are afraid of bats but we had them living in our shop loft for many years and encouraged them. They sure cut sown on the bugs!!

  10. That is a video playing in my head now, of you pulling the snake out of the stall and coiling him around your wrist. What a woman. I don't like the smell snakes put out when scared. I've just played with the small red racers and Garden Snakes, we call them, here, along with a couple of King and Bull snakes. We have rattlers in the hills.