Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, May 23, 2014

Early Morning Scenario....

We're less than 5 miles from New Brunswick and that part of Canada is in Atlantic Time Zone...  1 hour earlier than here.  So it's daylight when I woke up at 4:46 am this morning.  Nothing would do but I had to get out on the refuge "to see what I could see".  

Down to the Dilemma Pond...  nothing...  well, yeah...  a couple of Canada geese and a pair of Ringneck ducks...  but...  not moose.

Okay...  over to the 300 area.  (You'll get used to the names of these various areas as the summer goes on)...  took the time to park and walk to the photo blind.  
Oh yeah!  At least one pair of Loons!  Nice!

  Back to the car...  down, around the curve...  I looked up the middle road!  Oh Boy!  There's a moose standing there...
She's just watching me, so I creep closer...  and closer.

Suddenly, I'm seeing this in my view finder...
Oh Wow!  A Mama bear and her cub....

They cross the road right in front of that moose...
I keep watching...  I figure that there's another cub who's lagging behind...

Sure enough...
Along comes the 2nd cub.  These cubs were born last year.  They'll stay with Mama for 2 years then she'll kick them out and they'll be on their own.

I figured the excitement was about over...  but...  just seconds after the bears crossed the road into the woods...  
This White-tailed Deer bolted out of the woodsy area...  right in front of that moose...  and shot across the road.  

The Moose just kinda watched it all going on...  didn't phase her a bit...
Look how bad her hide looks...  
One reason is that she is getting rid of her winter coat and getting her summer one.  But also, we're hearing that the ticks are particularly bad this spring.  They find a host (like a moose) and are so irritating that the moose scrape their bodies against trees to rid themselves, but scrape off their hair...  which is their insulating material, and with the freezing weather still at nights, they are prone to disease and illness.

I try really hard not to harass any critter, so after these shots, I drove on home and got ready for the day.

Bill & I headed to Presque Isle fairly early...  grocery shopping and Bill needed knee-pads to do some of the work he wants to do this weekend.

We were home by 9:30 am....  ready to hit it hard again today.
It's now nearly 5pm and even though I've been up and about only 12 hours I am beat!  All afternoon we worked on a bridge that needs rebuilt...  

Oh, there's so much I want to write about...  and I wish I could relay to y'all how sweet the White-throated Sparrow's "Pure Sweet Canada, Canada, Canada" sounds....  

It's gonna be a great summer!

That's All For Today!


  1. More great pictures. I never tire of looking at pictures of wildlife. Keep them coming.

  2. You surely had a morning full of animals. Ticks are on the move here, too. I can't remember them being active this early.

  3. I like "pure sweet Canada, Canada, Canada" a lot better than " poor Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody"! I'm as happy as you to see the moose.

  4. Wow, that is awesome. Moose, bears, deer, loons, you're going to have some kind of a summer!

  5. Ah, love the photos of what you're seeing - Poor Moose!

  6. Lucky you to see all these critters, I hope to see some in Yellowstone next week.

  7. Such beautiful scenery and wildlife, reminds me of the many times we have camped in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.

  8. Oh, Sharon--how excited you must have been--I love seeing the bears around our place, we've yet to see a moose but hear they are around. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Well! here you are again ... gorgeous and wow! I've missed some posts. love Maine... wish I were there. don't suppose you and Bill would adopt me. I'm clean. pick up after myself. already through school. BUt I do eat.

    you two have a wonderful life... I know you know that but ... just saying