Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, May 9, 2014

Problem Solved....

As Judy commented about my last post...  it was a "no brainer"....
Look what now resides in the barn....

And near our motorhome....
The board that has held feeders for many years didn't make it through this last winter.  But what's left is sturdy enough for these.

And...  out the side window....
about 25' beside us....  
a cleared area with a mineral block and "sweet mix".  Lots of critters besides deer like the mineral block.  It provides everything from deer to chipmunks and squirrels the salts and minerals that they want and need.  The sweet mix is actually for horses...  it's a mix of corn, other grains and molasses.... deer love it.   We used to have wild turkeys and white-tail deer on a regular basis come for dinner.  We'll see what visits us now.

The goldfinch found the feeders quite quickly...  as did the cardinals, titmouse and chickadees.  The 2 hummingbird feeders took about an hour to be discovered.  We have only the Ruby-throated hummingbird here and I haven't gotten a photo of any yet.

We have a large variety of birds here...
This Eastern kingbird was busy catching insects this morning.  I've seen bluebirds and wrens...  but they are also insect eaters and not likely to come to a feeder.  I saw a pair of Indigo buntings this morning and I continue to hear the lovely call of the Wood thrush.

We'll be here through next week before heading on towards Maine.  My dilemma was whether to establish feeding stations knowing we'd be here only a couple of weeks.  Well, the mineral block will last quite a while...  what's left of the sweet mix and bird seed will be left on the ground for any takers.  The hummingbird feeders will come down and be stored.  

I'll enjoy the critters while we're here and hopefully give them a boost in finding food for a couple of weeks.  I'll feel bad when we leave...  but by then maybe more natural food will be available.  

And when we get to Maine, I'll start all over again.

That's All For Today!


  1. I just love your view and all the critters that come to visit. I've given up on the birds with my raucous dogs running about, but the squirrels still come. I felt bad leaving them for a week without their daily ration of peanuts but they were here waiting for us. They seem to enjoy playing with the dogs so I think we can continue to enjoy feeding them and watching their antics.

  2. It os so much fun watching the wild life enjoying their treats. Keep up the good work.

  3. Keeping our feeders full is getting to be a steady job fro me:)

  4. I knew you'd succumb. ;) Enjoy!

  5. I alway enjoy your blog and more so when you blog about wildlife. I, too, feed some of the wildlife around here.

  6. No hummers yet, or orioles, so we'll change the feed tomorrow and keep on waiting. No one likes my apple offerings; I'll try and orange, quartered.

  7. That looks like a wonderful place! Perhaps some of the birds you have fed are still moving northward and need the extra fuel? Our Ruby- throated Hummingbirds should arrive any day now. Thanks for the reminder to get the feeder out. Happy travels!

  8. I love watching the birds, but do not carry feeders with me. Last year on South Padre when there was a "fallout", I put out orange halves and some seeds and nuts that were meant for me.

  9. I knew that was going to happen! :)) I too feel sorry for my birds when we leave for the winter--usually only chickadees but I do have two neighbors who also feed them.

  10. We're still waiting for migrants. I've seen just one male Goldfinch. But the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks should be passing through pretty soon. I have bought grape jelly and oranges for the Orioles, but haven't put it out yet.

  11. Love your header picture! your favorite bird ;) …. getting caught up! beautiful Dogwoods… glad you succumbed to the feeders ! pugnacious hummingbird … Hahaa

    I think your farm is beautiful… glad you made it back home all safe and sound ~ underground zip lines??? I plan on 'doing' Natchez Trace … I swear I did that at one time but can't remember it so … that counts as … I need to go do it…

    can't believe how many posts I've missed… that little ol Charlie and my moving really put me behind … What a great family you have all the way from Texas to Ohio … lots of flowers and birds and animals… good stuff …. loved catching up …