Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, May 5, 2014

Day Four on the Road

I woke shortly before 6:00 this morning...  it was already daylight and I could hear birds outside our rig.

I couldn't see any color at all when I spotted this guy way up in the tree.  His call sounded like a flycatcher species, but it wasn't until I took a few photos and downloaded them onto my laptop that I could adjust the light to bring out his color.  I'm guessing that he's a Great-crested Flycatcher as we were still in Tennessee and all other criteria checks out.

There was also a flock of bluejays squawking and carrying on.  And, to add to the cacophony of noise, I spotted this noisy guy...
Doesn't his tail look just like a bottle-brush?

By 7:30 a.m we were on the road...
We have less than 75 miles left on the Natchez Trace...  then we'll skirt around Nashville, and up into Kentucky.

A blog I read recently was about great honey they bought in New Mexico.  My favorite honey is from the Honey Locust tree....

While dogwood is still in bloom along the highway, we saw a lot of Honey Locust in bloom as well.  The nectar from these blossoms makes the clearest, most exquisite honey I've ever tasted.  A beekeeper who specializes in particular kinds would have a very short window of time to harvest this type.  Makes me wish we still kept bees....

We leave the Trace, head up into Kentucky.  Now we're on I 65....  into rolling countryside....

Farmland...  we see new crops, some cattle, and lots of green trees and grass.  All shades of green.

And we begin to see outcroppings of rock formations....  and some deep cuts into the rocks when the highway was constructed.
These are old rocks (yeah, even rocks have an age) and show their age.

As we head north towards Louisville we see signs for Mammoth Cave...  since we've visited there in the past, we drive on by...  but, look...  here's a sign we've not seen before...
Looks interesting....  maybe another time.

By now we're in familiar territory.  Bill has spent a lot of time around this part of Kentucky working on his family history.  Our friend Dave used to live in Louisville and I can't begin to count the times we've been here.  But Dave moved, so this time we take one of the outerbelts and by-pass Louisville...  and leave I 65 to get on I 71.
At Mile-marker 22 (LaGrange) we pull off for the night.  281 miles today...  and  now we're in Eastern Time Zone.

I think we have about 250 miles to go tomorrow and our drive to Ohio, more specifically, our old farm near Athens, will be done.

I always get excited just thinking about being "home" again.  Okay... we haven't lived there for over 13 years now; don't have a house to go to...  but I have family there I haven't seen in several months.  My parents are buried there....  I still have a few friends...  and the hills...  foothills of the Appalachians...   I guess to me, it will always be home.

That's All For Today!


  1. Great pictures. That is so Kentucky, heading to Louisville. And, Ohio is so...Ohio. It even smells like home.

  2. You're seeing some pretty country! It's always to go "home".

  3. I did 350 miles today, and I'm almost to my summer home. It's always good to feel at home.

  4. It's been fun following your trip ti Ohio.

  5. Like Tom Jones used to sing, "It's good to touch the green, green grass of home".

  6. Do you stay in the Walmart parking lots? I've read that a lot of RVers do that. We'll have to give it a try this summer on our first extended road trip. Enjoy your trip home.

  7. We are in Nashville area for a couple of days...I suppose you are home now.

  8. You are making pretty good time with fairly easy travel days, enjoy your old stomping grounds.