Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, July 6, 2015

Back To Work Today...

The summer is going by way too fast.  We've been here about 6 weeks and have only 2 months left.  We are supposed to get "good" weather for at least the next couple of weeks...  70-80's is just fine with me!  Merikay wrote in her blog about using a mosquito contraption that works for them.  We have one of those but so far it hasn't worked real well for us.  However....  the weather hasn't been really nice enough to sit outside in the evening anyway.  So.....

We bought this "bug zapper" at Walmart...
 Whooohooo!  does it ever do well killing insects inside our motorhome.  Well, actually someone has to swat at the critter to make it work.  But there are 2 wire inserts with the "electric" wire in the middle (battery operated)...  and when a bug makes contact with an outside wire and the inner wire, it's fried.  This may sound gross to some of you, but if you get bit up the way we do you'll resort to anything.

Let's see...  what else can I talk about?
We saw a Mama Bear with 2 little cubs yesterday.  The cubs were wrestling around and having a great time.
Then Mama hustled them across the road and into the field and woods.

I loved what my game cameras picked up last night...
The big Bull Moose was out and about....

And a porcupine was wandering around.
I've not seen a porky this year except on camera.  This one doesn't look real big, and he barely made it in the cameras range.

The sun rose as a huge, red ball this morning.  But the fog over the creek and field muted it's glory in this picture.

Yesterday afternoon I saw a couple of birds chasing after a bald eagle.  I'm assuming the eagle was threatening their nest or young ones...  they sent him away...  scolding him loudly!
The End!

That's All For Today!


  1. That bug zapper sounds like a fun way to get even with those nasty blood suckers, etc. If you touch it, does it give you tingle? I suppose it uses capacitors to build up a charge. BTW, I liked the way you snuck in that "end" picture!!!

  2. Those bear cubs are so cute. Any animal baby is fun to watch in my book. It is hard to believe it's July already.

  3. Whatever works on those bugs is worth it!

  4. We have a bug zapper too, have not used it for a couple years, not that many bugs here right,

  5. If I had biting bugs inside and didn't have a cat to zap them, I'd be getting one of those zappers.

  6. I have no qualms about zapping bugs, nor spiders.

  7. One of the things I enjoy about visiting "bear country" is that while we grew up with Goldilocks and the 3 bears, papa, mama, and baby, all of the 3 bears posters we see are about a mama bear and two cubs. Guess that gender roles for bears are becoming more realistic, just like for people. :-)

  8. My great nieces had a good time using their grandmother's bug zapper--love the bear photos!

  9. Cute Bears (from here :) ) Love seeing what game cameras pick up!

  10. I have one of those tennis racket bug zappers. There is a satisfaction when the bug lights up and fries. That's sicko I know, but I can't help it. Lovely photos, love the muted sun.