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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This One's For George....

Y'all know I read a lot of blogs, and sometimes we even have the opportunity to meet some of those bloggers in person.  We've met up with George and Suzie in Texas.  George writes an awesome blog about their awesome travels.  And he usually includes photos of the awesome meals he fixes.

Bill & I went into Caribou yesterday to the S.W. Collins hardware store.  Although they have stores in several Maine cities, it's not a chain like Lowe's or Home Depot.  But it's a big place and they have everything...
Just walking in the door can be overwhelming.  There are plenty of clerks, though, and they are always happy to help you.

Bill had a long shopping list.  It's budget time at the Refuge and that means if anything is left over from last year it has to be spent before the end of this fiscal year.  Bill is stocking the workshop with items it lacked...  and we returned several tubes of caulk that weren't needed on another project.  Turned out the credit for the caulk was $42.45....  and our new purchases came to $33.17.  Looks like Bill can go shopping again soon.

Now...  this is why I thought of George...
Q-Weber Grills!
Just look at the colors they come in!!!
They cost $209.99 each....  hey, George...  I think you need one in each color!

Somehow, I don't think these pretty colors will enhance the flavor of the foods they cook...  and besides that, George already has one that he does right fine with.  But... I just couldn't resist a little rib-eye ribbing.

That's All For Today!


  1. Wow... what a Weber Q so bad and I have never seen them that cheap I need to find some I need to find a green one at that price

  2. Thanks Sharon.
    Our Weber Q Is only 6 years old and used pretty well every day of the year, still works like new and really does an Awesome job with the foods we cook.
    We have a Weber Q 100, replaced by the 1000 essentially the same. The ones pictured are the 1200 with a thermometer and a higher lid. I don't need a thermometer I do just fine without one. The colors are nice but I still like mine with the grey top the best.

  3. We also have the grey Weber and love it. Works fine every time.

  4. We have the Weber Q 120 which is the color of George's but the Thermometer is mounted more on the front face rather than the top of the lid. It still works great no mater what we cook on it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

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    1. I meant to say, let me know when the steaks are ready and I will be right over. BTW, I mentioned you in my today's blog posting.

  6. I love bright colors so I would want one in each color! As for hardware stores, I grew up being drug around in the local one. Now I love them too and want to check out everything. With my finances the way they are, I gravitate now to the overstock discount hardware stores like Harbor Freight.

  7. Pretty colors! I've never succumbed to Weber Q fever as I learned to cook on a gas grill which had three burners (Webers only have one)--the one we pack around with us I bought at Costco and it has two burners. I do use a big, huge Weber here at home with three burners.