Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Catching Up... Again

We finally have summer up here in Northeast Maine.  The temps have actually gotten to 80 degrees a few days.  Nights are still in the 50's, but once the sun is up the temperature rises quickly.

The critters don't care much for the heat and so either hang out in the woods or in the water.  At any rate, wherever they are, I'm not seeing as many.

My game cameras continue to catch the night action...
This White-tail Deer is checking her fawn.

We see coyotes occasionally, but this guy passes by this corner fairly often.

Yep...  those cameras even catch me...
Here I am on my "Barney Bike"  (it's purple)...  and using my new Black Rapid camera strap (but not the way it's intended to be used)....  tooling along yesterday afternoon.  That black spot on my face is  my little rear-view mirror.  You just never know what those cameras will reveal...

This Cow Moose hangs out in the Bucky Beaver Pond...  sometimes she'll just watch as we drive by, but this time she got a little nervous and decided to quit eating (see the grass hanging out of her mouth?) and head to the woods across the road.  I think I was in the Gator when I took this...  it does make a lot of noise.

The Purple Finches have been bringing their babies to the feeders.  It's funny to watch the little guys flutter around...  hang their wings to their sides...  and do all the baby bird things.  They look as big (sometimes bigger) than their parents, but they are so easy to tell apart by their mannerisms.

Not much going on with me...  I'm having some wrist problems (carpel tunnel?)....  and so am not mowing this week.  I'll see if that helps ease the pain.  Bill & Kirk are still working on the new road, but are taking some time to work on the Beaver Pond Trail as well.

The Friends of ANWR met last night...  it's always interesting to hear what they have planned.  They are a very active group and have at least one activity planned for the public each month.  There is a core group who do most of the work... (that's usually the way it is)...  but they do a fantastic job.

And so....  this is....
The End...

That's All For Today!


  1. We had summer 2 weeks ago and it's been miserable since. Grey and about 20 c. Not July-like . So the camera picks up bicycle-borne mammals too!

  2. I'm impressed that you got that pic of a Coyote. We have them here as well, but the one that passes by is usually moving pretty fast. I never seem to have the camera ready.

  3. Sounds like another good week, excepting the wrist. I guess you'll put it on your list of checkups.

  4. You must pedal fast to keep ahead of the bugs! Especially in shorts and a tee. ;)

  5. Great post and pictures, as always. And of course I love "the end" picture!!

  6. Nice end photo, but I don't envy that moose carrying that heavy head gear. My goodness the neck muscles required!

  7. Love to see all you're seeing, and what all you're doing! LOVE that last shot the Moose. He's pretty good sized!!