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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More To Maine Than Moose

After I painted the bollards in front of the shop with a third coat of paint yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time pulling Spotted Knapweed...  an invasive plant that just loves taking over in disturbed areas.  Don't you love that term "disturbed" areas?  But that's the kind of places that are just begging for some new growth.  I can pull (and tug, and yank... no, not yank... the plants tend to break off instead of coming up roots and all)...  for about an hour, then I have to take a break and let my hands rest a while.  I still had some honeysuckle to get a GPS reading on, (more invasive plants...  but too big for me to tackle, so I flag them, take a GPS reading, and we hope to get back to them when Bill can help me).  Anyway, while I was riding around in the Gator I had the opportunity to take some photos of various things on the refuge.

Sheep's Laurel
This is growing on an island in the Bucky Beaver Pond.  I look forward to seeing it every year that we're here.  Sure enough...  it's blooming again.

Forget Me Nots
The photo just doesn't do justice to the beautiful shade of blue...  and the yellow and white centers of these small flowers.

The side of the road and our motorhome in the background.
In years past I have mowed one "mower width" along each side of the road.  Last year I realized that I was creating one of those "disturbed" areas and that dreaded knapweed was taking hold.   So this year I haven't mowed.  All those wildflowers are now growing in that mower width of earth.  We managed to pull enough knapweed in this area last year that very little is growing there...  except in that strip that I had mowed...  there it's flourishing.  So...  this is the area I'm concentrating on pulling now.  Who will win?  Who knows.....

Mama Duck and her 6 Ducklings on East Loring Lake

Some daisies, clover and vetch in a field.

Two White Admiral Butterflies

Three White Admiral Butterflies, but with a view of the under wing

The Flags (iris) are blooming along another beaver pond.  
Caught the reflection in the water of the clouds and spruce trees.

A day for butterflies....
I saw quite a few species during the day....  
Maybe summer really is here.

That's All For Today!


  1. When are you going to give us closeups of the flies, mosquitoes, and everything else that bites? ;)

  2. Your picture entitled "Sheep's Laurel" reminded me of the time when living in PA that I was a Euell Gibbons fan and one time my son came down with a stomach virus and we took him to the doctor. The doc took a stool sample and said that they found some green stuff that they couldn't identify. I told them that it was Sheep Sorrel. The doc said "What!! He is eating sheep dung?" Then we had to explain and said that it was sheep sorrel, a plant, and it would not hurt him.

  3. So glad there are butterflies somewhere. I'm still seeing precious few here.

  4. You could pick some invasives here too. Some invasives can be controlled by pulling and some it makes no difference.

  5. That is so interesting that not mowing helps keep areas "undisturbed" and free of invasives. You should write a solemn research paper on that and present it somewhere. Solemnly of course.

  6. I have been busy pulling up thistle, starting a pollinator garden at the visitor center. I offered my suggestion on the area and Colleen took me up on it!!!