Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Long Weekend....

The last few days have been pretty quiet up here on the Refuge.  We've seen a few bicyclists on the main road through the refuge, but since motorized vehicles of any kind aren't permitted, not many people want to walk all the way down to the old Weapon Storage Area.  That's a good 6 mile round-trip hike and there are lots of other more scenic trails closer to the parking lot.

I haven't seen any moose for a couple of days.  But have had several sightings of bear...
This big guy was crossing the field (and road) just up from our motorhome.

The new culvert is arriving here on Monday, to be installed on Tuesday.  The company sent a man up Thursday to see if the site is ready.  Bill took him down to the area and their work passed with flying colors.  So, except for keeping the water pumped out of that area, there's nothing more for Bill to do there at this time.  He's been spending a lot of time organizing the workshop.  He and Kirk installed a vacuum system to make cleaning up sawdust and other debris easier.  I'll have to take some photos and show y'all how it works.

Kirk's family was having a huge 4th of July party at his Mother's house yesterday.  Kirk invited us and so we headed over there in the afternoon.  Kirk's from a big family and all but one of his siblings were able to attend.  In addition to the National Holiday, they celebrated his Mother's 80th birthday.  We all got a kick out of Kirk's brother Jim taking her for a ride on a motorcycle.  They live in the country, so we were joking that Jim took her into Limestone and joined up with the holiday parade.

We have been so fortunate to work for folks like Kirk who invite us to their family or friends gatherings.  Glenn Harris, our manager at Cameron Prairie NWR in Louisiana asked us to join his family for a cook-out before we left.  Kirk always invites us to his camp.  We would love to be with our families for holidays and folks like Kirk and Glenn make us feel as if we are.

Bears have good hearing but don't see well.  They get curious and stand up to see what they're hearing.  This guy was in the field across from us when I was driving home.  Different day than the earlier photo, but could have been the same bear.

We got back by 4pm, and spent the rest of the day at home listening to Prairie Home Companion and just hanging out.  Not a bad way to spend the day!

Today I'll head to the Visitor Center by 10:00....  I usually clean it before I open it for visitors at 11:00.  Bill will work in the maintenance shop but will be "on call" to take any folks on a tour of the refuge.  Usually he gives at least 1 tour each Sunday.  

So...  a very quiet post on this long weekend.

That's All For Today!


  1. So nice to get together and celebrate with friends.

  2. Some of the best gatherings include people we never met. Oh--that was the time Marilyn brought her grandmother. Remember, it was when Beth brought her boyfriend who picked dock leaves and made a salad. Great memories.

  3. Quiet day here yesterday, the 4th, until the fireworks started blasting all around me. Illegal fireworks are big here.

  4. Did you have extra visitors to the refuge since it was a holiday? We just stayed at home over this weekend.