Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, July 9, 2015


This week has been an exciting one...  really busy for all of us.  I've not done any of the actual "work" on the new road/culvert....  I'm more the "go-fer"....  and I've taken hundreds of photos to document all the work.  My first photo was taken in 2012...  I guess that will be the "before" shot....  the road won't be done for a while yet so the "after" shot may have to wait a while.

Since I've been down at the site a couple of days and spent most of today mowing the trails at Chapman Lake, and then some trails here, about all the photos I've taken are of the job site...  and I'll save all those for later.  

My trusty game camera works non-stop...
It captured this Bull Moose last evening.  He's not the big guy I've seen a few times, but he sure has a nice rack developing...  and his muscles and hide look sleek and fit.

We'll be here at Aroostook NWR until Labor Day...  not sure if we'll head out before or just after.  But we plan to stop and visit some family on our way west...  and stop in Ohio to check on the rentals.  

We have plans to attend the Albuquerque, NM, balloon fiesta the first weekend in October.  We've been there a few times in the past, but this year both of Bill's daughters will be going as well.  One lives in Pennysylvania and the other in Texas, so it will be good to have at least part of our family together again.

Right after that we'll head to Texas...  we fly out of DFW on October 18th to head for a cruise that leaves out of Ft Lauderdale, FL.  This is one of the genealogy software cruises (seminars on board) that we've done for years.  Only this time we'll head to the Panama Canal.  It's a 10 day cruise and only goes part way through the canal then returns to Florida.  Doesn't matter... it will be something new to us.  The genealogy conference will be about DNA this year.

Then a flight back to Texas, where we'll spend the month of November getting our annual physicals and whatever else...  dental, eyes...  it's always something.

On December 14th we'll be heading to Mexico.  Not going to take our RV this time...we'll be flying in to Puerta Vallarta.   We've rented a bungalow on the west coast...  town of Lo de Marcos....   it's about 30 miles north of Puerta Vallarta, and south of San Blas.  We'll be there until March 15th...    I guess I better start working on my Spanish....

We have lousy phone service here so all this is more for the benefit of our family...  sorry if I've bored my faithful readers.

I'll include one last photo of the refuge...
Taken this morning about 4:45 am.
It was only 45 degrees at that hour...   but now it's nearly 3 pm and I have shed the sweater, jacket, scarf, wool gloves and wool cap...  still have on the t-shirt, jeans and boots as I've been mowing.
But it's turned out to be a beautiful day.

That's All For Today!


  1. Two beautiful pictures. It seems you two settle a bit, when you settle. What's a few months here, a few months there. International gypsies. Enjoy!

  2. I always like to hear about peoples plans, and as usual, yours sound interesting!

  3. You will enjoy Lo de Marcos. Will you be on the water?

  4. Oh my gosh...that Bull Moose is HUGE!
    We volunteered at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in 2010. We loved it. sounds like y'all will have a great time.
    Sounds like you have some big plans in the works for 2015. Looking forward to traveling along.

  5. Excellent pic of the Moose.
    You going to have another fun, busy winter, looking forward to your postings.

  6. Oh you've got big exciting plans. I am envious of your Mexico upcoming time. Back in my short stint in college, I'd drive there spring break, to scuba dive. But just down past Tijuana. Camp on the beach, eat local and cheap, it was relaxing and slow and enjoyable and didn't cost a lot more than the cost of gas down and back. I've never been farther south or to the east coast of Mexico, where it is far more tropical and warmer. I've heard that balloon festival in NM is fabulous and to be with family, that too would be nice.

  7. Sounds like you two are doing only one refuge a year.

  8. I love your Header shot, and that Bull Moose is a nice one! But that last photo is just AWESOME!!!

  9. That is an outstanding looking bull moose. So healthy looking!! And it sounds like you've got a busy and interesting year all planned out.

  10. A lovely sunrise, you'd never see me up that early so I commend you!