Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, December 25, 2015

Can You Handle Yet Another Walk?

I think it was Joanne asked me if we have any excursions planned.....   right now we're happy enough just getting familiar with our little town.  But...  we have 2 different couples who might come here to visit in the coming months, and we're thinking a trip on the river up near San Blas might be in our plans.  We stayed in San Blas several years ago and that boat ride was one that was unforgettable.  We'll see....

Makes me think of our RV trips of the past...  we traveled many times with our friends, Bill & Norma.  The times we grilled shrimp...  washed our clothes in a 5 gallon bucket...  set up Spanish lessons with a local....  wonderful memories.  Like many RVers, we're hoping our paths will cross again someday.

Today we took another walk through town...
As we crossed the street near the plaza, we saw yet another carniceria with a huge cauldron outside...  pork skins bubbling away.  The butcher told us they'd be ready in about 20 minutes, so we knew we'd have time to go on our walk to the river.  When we made our loop and returned an hour or so later, sure enough...  the chicharron (pork cracklings) were done and being served...  lower right.
We bought a few pieces...  hot and crispy...  and oh, so delicious!

As we walked on the path that runs along the river, we came across this crew of men working..
A Road Crew
And..  they're working the old fashion way...  with rakes and shovels!
The man at the lower right spoke enough English...  and with our poor Spanish, he and Bill carried on a bit of a conversation.  He's been planting those trees (upper right) all along both sides of this road now for a few years.  Those are the trees that will grow their own root system... fairly fast growth...  and will make nice fence posts... or, in this case, nice overhead canopy over the road.

We don't always see people while we're walking this road...  and if we do, it's most likely locals.  It's a great place to walk...  and so scenic...  we walk it often.

I saw these Spider Lilies blooming on the other side of the water...  

And Bill spied this old John Deere tractor in a field...  it's seen better days.
But I know with a few parts and a lot of labor, Bill could have it running good as new again!

The rookery was kind of quiet today...  These herons, egrets and an Anhinga (hard to make out - on the right) were across the river at the water's edge.

I liked this Great Egret...  standing so majestically in the water.

This Little Blue Heron and White Ibis had a little territorial spat...
Didn't last long...  I think someone just overstepped their boundary.  The sudden movement made the photo a bit burry...  kind of distorts the ibis's bill.

I loved the mirror-image of these 3 Blue-winged Teal
We don't see many ducks here...  and certainly not many different species, but are always on the lookout.

There were a few Black-necked Stilts hanging out  as well....  
I took only my "little" Canon today, so birds like the Kingfishers and others are just too hard for me to capture as this camera doesn't have a view finder.  Those "flat screen" types don't work well for me.

As we were crossing the bridge that leaves the river area and onto the beach, I saw this...

I don't know who this boat belongs to...  but I just liked the composition of what I saw....

We walked along the beach for a while...  turned and walked down the main street into town...  stopped for those chicharrones, bought a "escoba" (broom), talked with a few folks we know, went to another carniceria for some pollo or gallina (not sure which word we should use for cut-up chicken meat)....  and headed home.

We love our morning walks and I think it will be a while before we tire of them.

Merry Christmas to all our Family and Friends!
Bill & Sharon

That's All For Today!


  1. thanks for sharing your walk with us...

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  3. Merry Christmas to you both, from Francine & Greg. It's a quiet one for us, with none of the traditional trappings, but that's OK with us too.

  4. I think that boat picture is the best one of the day. I'd sure like to try a couple of those chicharrones.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and Bill. Thank you for your great posts. I love traveling with you and sharing your adventures even if it is just through your blog. That is a good picture of you and Bill.

  6. You two are having the trip of a lifetime. Continue enjoying the good life. Merry Christmas

  7. Another great walk and love your picture,
    Merry Christmas!

  8. It looks like you've hit the jackpot with some great places to explore.

  9. Looks like another great walk. Hope you both had a very Merry Christmas!