Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Saturday in Lo de Marcos

By the way...  did you notice that I finally learned to spell the town where we live?  It's MarcOs...  not MarcUs, as I'd been spelling it.  My best spell check is Bill...  he usually proofs my blog before I post it as I make some real whopper of mistakes.

Anyway...  off we went this morning...  there was an open air market that would open at 9 am on Saturdays...  and, being old time Farmer's Market folks we were excited to go...

Some booths were already set up...  some still in progress when we arrived....
We quickly found that it was more of a bazaar than a farmer's market...  that's fine with us...  we love it all.  

This lady was making quesadillas (I think)....  kind of like an empanada...  or maybe I should liken it to a little folded over pie?  She had other foods...  all looked delicious, but we'd had breakfast just a while ago so didn't partake of her foods...  at least not this week.

The market is every Saturday...  I think it got started by the realty company from whom we rent...  this is a vacant lot next door to their office and they are trying to promote tourism in this area.
All kinds of wares were for sale... handcrafted jewelry...  paintings, paper mache wall hanging...  One lady told me they drive 2 hours just to sell stuff at this market.
There's Bill looking at handcrafted belts.  In the bottom middle is a man selling cigars.  Since neither of us smoke we didn't look too close here, but if I were a cigar smoker I think I'd have been impressed.

Hammocks.... clothing.....  rugs....  pottery....
The bottom left is a display of all kinds of candies.  The lot is maybe 150' X 50'....  three rows of booths, with a place at the end for foods...  and musicians...

They kept thing lively in the afternoon.

Isn't this funny?
 The John Deere logo...  only with a Mexican slant...  a burro and Juan....  
Bill would have bought one if it had been a long-sleeve tee.

We spent an hour or so at the market...  we've been here less than a week but already we've come to know some of the folks here.  Some of them winter folks, like us, and some who have come from the US or Canada to live full time.  
It's like the market in our hometown...  a social activity as much as a time to do some shopping.  

From there we headed to the river for our morning walk...
This dirt road leads from the Plaza area down through some local housing...  right to the path along the river.

We didn't carry our binoculars nor my Leica today...  just my little Canon, so long shots aren't so good.  Still...
Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

and even this not so good photo of...
Yellow-winged Cacique

were good enough that I could recognize some birds we've seen in the past.

And...  out onto the beach and the ocean...
We saw this lone fisherman trying his luck.
You can tell he's a gringo...  no shirt, shorts... going to get a heck of a sunburn!

We headed back home for lunch.  We walked past the church and the doors were open.  Of course I had to peek in...
A baptism or christening was going on....
The baby was dressed all in white and looked darling...
 I quietly took my photo and moved on.

Seems there's always something going on somewhere in this little town...  and each day we discover more and more.

As you can tell, we're loving it!

That's All For Today!


  1. Love those local markets always interesting to check out what they are selling.

  2. Such a nice market! It looks like fun and has lots of different wares. Also, I like the photos of the birds, especially the cute little Golden-Cheeked Woodpecker.

  3. Today's food looks more inviting to me than yesterday's. I'd have found room to eat one anyway! Thanks for sharing your walks with us.

  4. Yes, I can tell you guys are going to have a wonderful winter!

  5. I'm loving it, too, Sharon. What a charming place.

  6. Those brightly colored rugs sure caught my eye!

  7. I like your observations on the attempts to promote tourism. I suppose it will be good for the economy, but I like the way it is. I wonder how the modern American family would see it.

  8. Did you stick around long enough to see if the fisherman caught anything? And if so, what did he catch?