Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, December 21, 2015

Este Domingo en Lo de Marcos

Before I write about Sunday, I want to tell y'all about Saturday evening.  Bill & I have listened to Prairie Home Companion on the radio for years.  When traveling, if I can get the time difference straight, we listen to it on my laptop.  Last night, not only did we listen...
We watched it live...  from St Paul, Minnesota.
I have always wanted to attend one of Garrison's programs..  always wondered what it would look be like seeing all those characters on stage...  well, it was like we were front row center.  And...  next Saturday we'll also be able to watch as well as listen.  How cool is that!

On to Sunday...

I had asked when services were at St Mark's church...  there was a 7:00 and 10:00 mass, and also an afternoon mass held in the plaza.  I decided to go to the 7:00 service...
I'm sure it is perfectly safe, but it's still dark at 6:30 am...  so Bill walked with me down to the church.  The church was packed...  over 100 people, but very few gringos.  I think the 7 am service is kind of early for a lot of folks.

After church I walked home and fixed us a big brunch....  the chorizo I had bought tasted a lot like kielbasa or smoked sausage to me...  but it went well with the eggs, fried potatoes and tortillas.

We wanted to walk again on the river trail...  so much to see there....
There were several Yellow-crowned Night Herons in a brushy spot along the river bank.  And this time we were treated to...
A juvenile...
I see that both these birds are perched on one foot...  honest...  they really do have two legs.

All kinds of herons and egrets here...
This is the Tri-colored Heron...
See that those white feathers at the back of his head?  Kind of like a pony tail, huh?

And another shot of him...
This one shows off his white belly and under feathers.

As we walked further along, we looked across the river and saw...
A tree just full of Great Egrets!
We're walking along a fantastic Rookery...  what a great place!

At the beginning of that trail is this sign...
Let us live this day to the fullest so:
Forget convention,
Enjoy Nature.
Dare to know new people.
Make the family grande (I think this means give respect?)
Laugh, cry, feel and share.
Enjoy the here and now.

I don't know who put this sign up or anything about how the trail came to be, but sure looks like they have the right idea!

We came out of the river trail onto the beach...
What's Bill looking at?
I don't know, but we did see 2 dolphins playing around a few hundred yards off shore.  I never could get a photo of them, but they were fun to watch.

The beach was very busy today...
There are a fair number of tourists here, but also quite a few Mexican families come to the beaches for vacations.  With Christmas being this coming week, lots of people are on long vacations.  
Isn't this great...  you could enjoy the sand and water without being shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor!

We turned back to town and headed home.  Today seemed to be the day to prepare and sell more foods from the sidewalks...
I saw more than one lady making tortillas....

And look at this!
That's one huge rotisserie/grill!

And another one...
How many chickens do you think are on here?
George...  aren't you glad you no longer cook for this many people?  
I didn't need to fix lunch today since we had that huge brunch....  but looking now at all photos of food is making me hungry!

Oh yes...  about our Spanish...  while we try to speak Spanish first, and generally do okay, a lot of the shop keepers here have a pretty good handle on English.  We can't really hold a conversation in Spanish, but manage to shop, make change and the such.  It's a works in progress ;-)

That's All For Today!


  1. What a wonderful day you had.
    We managed with our poor spanish for 3 months in Mexico, no real problems at all.
    Very friendly people there. and loved it.
    I would say 10 chickens. Actually cooking large quantities like that I enjoyed, with the proper equipment.
    But don't need to do that anymore, for the 2 of us takes care of my cooking craving.

  2. Un buen día, señora. It's great to hear that you're practising your Spanish. That town sounds like a perfect fit for you. Disfruta!

  3. Seems like your Spanish is pretty good if you could translate that sign. :)

  4. I have never seen a tri colored heron and would have thought it was a Great Blue. What good photos of the heron and the "egret tree". I don't get many channels on the TV, especially during winter, with worse reception, so sometimes I watch a Spanish language channel. Maybe I'll end up speaking Spanish that way! What a nice message on that trail sign.

  5. What a lot of food, in expectation of customers. You two are at it like you will see everything in a week.Do you have some other excursions in mind?

  6. It looks like you guys are having a grand time!