Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Favorites of the Day....

I take my camera along everywhere I go... even if it's just around the corner to the veggie market.  I never know when my fingers will just itch to snap a photo.  My photos are a way for me to keep track of when I've seen something; they jog my memory later (or sometimes sooner) and long after an adventure has ended (and another one started), I look back and it's almost like I'm there again.

Today was like most other days here...  we walk.  One year when we were volunteering at the Bosque Del Apache NWR in NM, I'd give 2, sometimes 3, tours a day.  Someone asked me didn't I get tired of taking folks over the same route?  The answer I'd give them was... "No, every time I drive this route I see different things... or the folks have different interests so the focus might change...  or I'll get questions that make us stay a little longer and see things a little differently than it looked an hour before."  

And I feel the same way here....  Bill & I walk the same route along the river to the sea at least once each day.  The morning walk is different than the evening walk...  If we stand still under that huge tree (that I don't know what it is), we'll see different birds.  Shadows and sunlight change perspective.  I'll try not to "talk" too much now and get on with my favorite photos of today...

Our first sighting of a Rufus-backed Thrush
Yes, it's just another variety of the Robin

Someone's Christmas "shrine" on their porch...  at a house on the next street over.

Our first sighting of an Osprey here...
He was close to the Rookery where all the herons and egrets hang out.

A Kitty sleeping on the front step of her house.
She looks just like our cat, KC, who lived to be 19 years old and loved Bill totally.

We watched a flock of Grackles taking their morning bath in the river...
This one looked like it enjoyed making the water fly!

An unidentified Hawk...
Quite a distance from us and the lighting was terrible.  Any suggestions?

Folks enjoying the beach and the water early this morning...

And folks just taking it easy under their colorful umbrellas late this afternoon.

A Trail Ride....  about a dozen or so horses and riders clip-clopping down the main street.  Looked like a family of touristas out for a good time.  Notice that the horse the little girl is riding is on a "leash".

And my very favorite photo of the day...
The horses have gone past...  and leaving behind what they do...
This dog just couldn't resist...  he'd found the Pot of Gold! he'd Won the Lottery!  He  thought he'd died and gone to Heaven!  That's a huge smile on his "lickin' his chops" face as he rolls around in his new-found treasure.  

I love the picture but have to admit I'm glad he doesn't belong to us.

That's All For Today!


  1. Thats like us here walk the same route and always something different to see, and you are enjoying it !

  2. I can't imagine why a dog would enjoy that, but that's because I'm human, I guess. Thanks for continuing to take us on your journey. I'm enjoying every walk, without any aches and pains afterwards :)

  3. Gorgeous photos. You are like a professional.

  4. I bet you just went over and petted that dog, right? Wrong!!

  5. Oh no, ha ha, that dog rolling in the horse doo doo. We had a dog when I was growing up who loved to roll in stinky things, then come back like nothing happened.

    Love the beach photos, wish I was there, when I see those. So dreary here, constant rain and gray.

    I don't know my hawks well enough to venture a guess.

  6. Looks like an accipiter of some kind, but I don't know the birds of the area you are in.

  7. Am loving your photos and walking journal!! :)))

  8. Love the walks, and interesting to know robins come in varieties.

  9. You're surrounded by such amazing wildlife. I'd keep my camera with me at all times, too (well, I already do). As for that dog... I'm glad HE was happy.