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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Two Week Review...

We arrived here 2 weeks ago today...  rented a car to get from the airport to our bungalow in Lo de Marcos.  Kept the car 24 hours, and the day after our arrival, we drove about 20 miles (probably less) up to a larger town to go shopping.  Now we take the bus.

Our bungalow had several issues we felt needed to be addressed.  We go to our rental agent rather than the owners to resolve issues...  our landlords (owners) are great and seem to be helpful in every way they can...  but...  (always the "but")...  there's the language barrier...  as well as the difference in culture.  What we, as Americans, expect in a place we're paying $600 a month can be very different than what other cultures might expect.  We're going on what the "back and forth" between us and the rental contract was, and also what we've rented under similar circumstance in other (3rd world) countries.  

So, while there are still some issues to be resolved, both Bill & I are very happy with our bungalow...  love our little town...   all the locals that we've met as well as all the other temporary folks like us.

We frequently buy "street" food...  took home a roasted chicken for dinner last night.  We've eaten several meals in restaurants (don't know if we have time to try them all...  there are SO many here), and try to buy as much in this town as we can.  We already have a favorite veggie place (actually, it's a full-blown grocery store...  has a huge variety of stuff)...  my favorite carniceria that sells chicharrones, and a different carniceria that has nicer chicken.  The pescaderia sells fresh fish and shrimp.  We have a favorite panaderia (bakery) and go there much too often.

We've met up with folks...  Memo, whom we met at the realty office, is a walking ambassador for the town...  he takes anyone who wants to go on walks every Monday at 8:00 am.
I think there were 18 of us today...
Hey... anyone who can get us "elderly" folks to take off our shoes and wade across the river must be a great salesperson!  I'm always asking Memo questions like.... Where can I buy a hummingbird feeder?  (I'll write about that later)....  or What time is mass at St Mark's....  all kinds of questions that he always can answer.

Finally saw this Green Kingfisher today...

We've (pretty much) figured out the bus system and have made a few trips from here to the "big" stores (Mega mart or Walmart) in Nuevo Vallarta.  Bill is the money man...  I'm the one who is always asking "How much is that?" or "How much did that cost?".  

We haven't bothered to find a laundry yet.  Our bungalow comes with maid service once a week...  which we don't use.  But... we do turn in our sheets and towels once a week and ask for clean ones.  (this was a bit of a misunderstanding, but I think we have it worked out).  We both wear shirts and shorts more than one day... or more...  and I wash underwear out by hand...  hey... if Norma and I could do our laundry in a 5 gallon bucket, I can heat hot water on our stove (did I mention that the ONLY hot water from any faucet is in the shower?) and with my detergent and bottle of Chlorox...  and the clothesline and clothespins we bought...  I can keep up.

A very frayed, worn butterfly I saw today...

We've been averaging walking just over 35 miles a week...  that's around 5 miles every day...   

A street vendor selling handmade beach chairs...  I don't know what price he's asking...

All in all, I think we're doing quite well...  I know our life isn't for everyone, but...  what do you think?

That's All For Today!


  1. Sounds pretty good to me , fresh air , exercise and warm sunny weather, whats not to like?

  2. I think you two are living the life!

  3. The hot water situation was the same in my apartment in Central America. I got an electric hot pot to heat water to do dishes and warm up the water a bit for the hand laundry. I didn't have a stove and the microwave was a small one (that I bought).

  4. I think you're a great match for each other - you and Bill - and that's what matters. You're living life your way, and enjoying it!

  5. Looks like you are settling in nicely! If you want something different to do, on Sundays Bucerias, a town between Sayulita and Nuevo Vallarta has it's weekly market and it is a lot of fun wandering through it and there are also some great deals on fruits and veggies.

    When we were traveling through Colomubia, everywhere that we stayed only had hot water in the shower as well. Many places in Mexico by the beach as you head further south don't even have that because the water stays a decent temperature and it feels refreshing on a very hot day.

  6. When we stop RV'ing I am pretty sure we will do some traveling like you two are doing... especially as long as you keep showing us spots to go to!

  7. You could wear your clothes in the shower and kill two birds with one stone. ;)

  8. I love Kingfishers, nice photo. Is Bill going to buy one of those chairs? They sure are colorful. I had to look up chicharrones, then a recipe on how to do them. I rarely eat meat, but it's nice to learn new things.