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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tuesday... or should I say Martes... in Lo de Marcos

Today is really flying by fast...  Bill & I took the 8:00 bus (meaning...  catch it when you can... this morning it left at 7:50) down to the Mega Mart, which is just south of Bucerias... Nuevo Vallarta, to do some shopping.  We've been keeping a list of things we need that we can't find here.  (We could go up to La Penita, but neither of us are big shoppers and would just as soon do the "one stop shopping" and get it over with)...  Anyway, we bought a toilet brush, among other things...  but it didn't make it home.  Now that we think about it, we remember that the clerk couldn't find a price on it and sent someone back to check...  guess they never did return before we were done and so it's on the list for next week.  Last week it was toothpicks...  we never did figure out what happened to them...  oh well...  life's little mysteries.

Ruth commented on Bucerias..  suggested it as a place to go to the market.  Made me think about another time...
Yep!  That's me...  in the centro (town plaza) of Bucerias.  Taken February 5, 2006....  almost 10 years ago.  We were traveling in our motorhome here at that time... I think we were staying at San Blas then...  and unhitched our tow car and headed to Puerto Vallarta.  We stopped for the market in Bucerias, but...  even more important...  stopped to claim this Geocache.  It's a "virtual"...  no log to sign, but I think I had to record some dates from the plaque.  I think I still have that shirt somewhere, but... darn!  those Tevas gave out a year or so ago.  So, Ruth...  while I don't have any photos of the market, I still remember that cruise ships were docked and the place was so congested we got the heck out of there as quick as we could.

Just a few more photos for today...

The Pieman...
I can't even imagine balancing that huge tray of pastries on my head!

He walked down the beach and then back up...  of course we had to check it out..
We bought one huge pina (pineapple) empanada, which Bill & I split.

He headed off towards a close-by RV park...
And I started singing an old Nursery Rhyme...  Simple Simon (met a pieman, going to the fair etc).
Bill had no idea what I was going on about...  tell me...  do ANY of you out there remember nursery rhymes?  I can recite dozens of them...  and much (MUCH) later in life, learned that many of them had political meanings in England.  Maybe I should look up what this one was all about.

Just another unknown tree...  not big enough to be coconuts...  but...  what an interesting tree!  We may have to invest in some field guides soon.

That's All For Today!


  1. Thats a huge tray of pastries to balance would be tricky.

  2. Is it warm down there, chilly in Arizona but at least the sun is shining and there is none of that white stuff on the ground!!!

  3. The flowers on that tree remind me of squash blossoms. The pie man is interesting. Even carries his own table with him.

  4. Wow, what an interesting tree. I wonder if the fruit is edible.

  5. Yes, I love the old nursery rhymes, but didn't know many had political meaning. I cannot fathom balancing something like that on my head, but it is a lot easier on the neck and shoulders to head carry, I discovered, after my own neck injury and current shoulder issues. I need to learn the art! Ten years ago, a blast from not that long ago. I was in the old place ten years ago. I'd had back surgery in August of that year, my mother died too in that year, my father the next.

  6. Simple Simon would have been the first thing I said. There were rhymes about everything. Dick Whittington, Three Times Mayor of London town. And hundreds more, all in two big orange books of children's rhymes and stories. I think the books are on a shelf somewhere.

  7. I find it hard to believe that the market would be full of cruise ship people in Bucerias, would have thought that most of them would end up in the centro area of Puerta Vallarta but maybe I am wrong. Anyways, I hope you have time to check it out, it is right by the highway so it is hard to miss. My internet is super slow so I unfortunately can't view your photos as they still haven't even loaded.