Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another day..... What can I say?

Today...  Tuesday......  we've been told that the shrimp (camarone) truck sells their ware over at Las Palmas on Tuesday...  we've been having a hankerin' for shrimp....   so early morning we head down off our hill, and into town.

As we head into town, we walk past the tienda that is having the new sign painted on their building
Yesterday is on the right...  the new is on the left....  And Now...
"We offer all kinds of pet food"
Hmmm.....  I buy dog food to feed the grey foxes here....  maybe I should consider stopping here.

We head on to the beach.....  there are a couple of fishing boats in....  we watch one of them unload their catch...  looks like mostly Red Snapper.

Good fish...  but we still have 2 of the 4 we bought last week in our freezer.  And, besides, we're after shrimp today.

This guy stops to talk with us....  
The gist of the conversation is that the fish he bought are what we, Americans, would consider trash fish.  I try to figure out what they are...  they don't look like carp....  but really don't know.  As you know from yesterday's blog, we really use whatever comes our way, and aren't at all snobbish about what we eat.  (I will amend that....  we saw a roadkill opossum today...  and I DO draw the line at opossum).  Anyway, we had a lively conversation with him...  not sure how much either of us understood, but....  no matter.... 

We headed on to Las Palmas.....  where we think the shrimp truck will come....
Nobody is able to give us any information.  We stop at a rather upscale "juice bar".....  mostly so we can sit outside and watch the vehicles drive into this complex.

Bill has an orange juice...  but I have some kind of green smoothie.... 
The ingredients seem to be green mango, mint, cilantro, spinach, and....  heck, I can't remember.  I ask only that it doesn't have bananas, as I can't eat those.  Hey folks, I might have to buy a blender when we return to the States...  this thing was DELICIOUS!

While we're sitting outside, watching the traffic go by, Bill strikes up a conversation with a young man who tells us all about living in Italy.  I'm talking with a Canadian couple who are here for only about 10 more days.  Meeting people from all over is one of the best things about our travels.  We learn about other places and often come home and check it out on the internet.  

We didn't see the shrimp truck go by, so decide to walk into this condo complex.  We stop at a guard shack and ask the security guard.  He is delighted we stopped.....  immediately gets on his phone ....  then on his motorcycle (darn!  wish I'd gotten a photo of his ... ahem....  butt crack)...  tells us he'll be back in a couple of minutes.  And...  sure enough...  about 5 minutes later he brings the camerone truck right to us.

WoooHooo....  we buy a kilo or so of shrimp....  then head down the road to the AutoMercado.  By this time we figure we'll have to take a taxi home....  10,000 steps or so is about my limit.....  so we buy some groceries and take a taxi home.

Here's what Bill look like after sweating....  and the sweat drying....
Yeah...  that's salt....
He's a regular brine machine!  I joke that we could harvest the salt he exudes...  
More than one person has commented that they don't know how he can wear long sleeve shirts and long pants in this weather.  Heck, I don't know either, but....  he is the person he is...  and whatever, I love him dearly...  salt, sweat and all.

So.... dinner tonight....
Bacon wrapped shrimp......  a half dozen or so jalepenos cut in half and filled with cream cheese.
I keep forgetting to buy tin foil...  so the clean-up is more than it should be.

Dinner is delicious....  
And another day is done.

That's All For Today!


  1. An other fun day , lots of walking, fresh camerone and a great dinner, looks awesome!

  2. I want that dinner!!! Love Bill's shirt; you should get some fabric paint and use it as a pattern. As for that green concoction: I've been known to enjoy some questionable "health snacks," but I've never enjoyed a smoothie made with grass (from the lawn).

  3. you can invite me to dinner anytime...

  4. I too have one of those salt making machines who only wears long sleeve shirts and jeans--he survived the Texas humidity dressed like that!

  5. Your dinner looks pretty good to me!

  6. The shrimp looks tasty, but I'd skip the jalapenos.

  7. Dang you are making me hungry. Really looks good and I love stuffed jalapenos.

  8. I enjoyed the entire post as always but that picture of Bill... exuding salt? priceless along with your words ... "he is the person he is... and whatever, I love him dearly... salt, sweat and all."

    so very damn cool...

  9. Oh man, I'm sitting here in my T-shirt and only put on a sweater under my coat to go out in -20 degree weather. Long sleeves drive me nuts at the best of times, and I could NEVER tolerate long sleeves in that climate.
    But hey, I used to work with guys who would wear a T-shirt AND a long sleeve shirt in the heat of the summer. I'd pass out.

  10. So, when does the bus leave for your house? I'm coming for supper.

  11. Everyday is an adventure for you. Be careful with those Canadians!!!

  12. I sure like that dinner/supper or whatever it was. And yes,meeting people while traveling is the salt (sorry Bill!) in the soup.

  13. Green smoothies are great. I have a small single serving size blender in the RV for making smoothies. . Glad you found the shrimp truck.