Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Un poco de esto...... Un poco de aquello....

A little of this....  A little of that....

I try to keep my photos and topic current with each day, but some days are such a mish-mash of stuff that it must seem I just throw everything in a blender and whatever comes out... just does.

Today is one of those days...

We walked into town around 8am...  had thought we might take the bus up to Liberia, but it leaves Coco on the hour and I wanted to wait until the washer finished and I'd hung out our laundry.  We didn't think we'd have enough time, so decided just on the walk and a trip to the grocery to buy yogurt.  (As it happened, we were right at the bus as it left for Liberia...  no big deal... we'll do that another day)

Of course we have to walk down to the sea...  and today we were rewarded by this....
Great Egret
Not a new bird by any means, but first one we've seen here.  We were quite a distance away, and this is kind of grainy, but still...  

The sea was really choppy today.  The tide was going out and left the usual sand and debris
The holidays are over so the beach is practically deserted now.  These kids were having a great time.  We watched the waves knocking them over - which they loved.

We headed on to that rickety wooden bridge.  Today there was a "new" bird there...
Spotted Sandpiper (non-breeding)
I love the way they bob their tail up and down.....  

Headed on to the Automercado (not to be confused with the Supermercado which is across the street).  We really didn't need much...  some yogurt, fresh pineapple and a dozen eggs...  but still managed to pick up enough to make Bill's backback full.  
Until recently, Costa Rica stores didn't take Discover credit card.  We love getting our "cash back" so were delighted to find that since our last trip here, many establishments now honor that card.  I love coming home and getting on-line - pulling up my Discover account and seeing what the exchange rate is of the day.  We pay in the Costa Rican money, colones, but of course it shows up on our credit card as American dollars.
Hey, I've always said we are low-maintenance folks...  entertainment comes easy for us.

After arriving home and having lunch, we sat outside for a while...  our neighbors Greg and Francine stopped by on their way to The Monkey Farm.  (Yes, I still have to do my blog on that)....  and then, a crazy thing happened.

Bill was sitting outside near the stone wall...  real close to the termite nest that is up in the closest tree.  He saw a couple of the Orange-fronted parakeets dive into that termite nest and tear a chunk off.  He came in to get me so I could see what was happening...

The birds weren't at all upset that we were sitting real close to the tree....  I took out my Leica and set the shutter speed so I could capture the birds in action.  They spent about the next half hour flying into the nest, grabbing fat termites for dinner.

Of course I loved it all...  not exactly something we see every day!

And, speaking of dinner...
I had a hankering for pizza...  bought some flour, and some yeast (even had to buy salt as that's something we never use...  but dough just NEEDS a tiny bit of salt to make it right.  I even bought some mushrooms, spinach and various peppers...  probably some stuff I don't remember....  and WhooHooo!  We had a great pizza for dinner!

Like I said...  a day of  "A Little of this...  A Little of That".

That's All For Today!


  1. Great photos of the parakeets (and great job they did too)! That pizza looks delicious.

  2. Like those colorful flying Parakeet photos. Nice solution to the termite problem.......

  3. Now that sounds like our kind of day, having way too much fun and a nice tasty looking dinner.

  4. Every day is special for you and Bill. Love the parakeet photos. You did a great job, as usual.

  5. Yum, that pizza looks delicious. Great photos again. I've vacillated between mish-mash posts or more-than-one in a day. What I've found is that when I post more than one, lots of times the earlier entry isn't read - or at least there are no comments following it. So, the mish-mash wins most of the time!

  6. Ha Ha! I figured out your title before I read your translation. Guess I remember a little Spanish after all. Neat about the termites and parakeets.

  7. LOVE your "little of this - little of that" !! LOL. That Egret was a great find, and I'll bet you really enjoyed the Parakeets getting into that termite nest!

  8. The birds didn't mind you being so close because they knew you wouldn't compete with them for the termites! LOL Your pizza looks and sounds like something I would really enjoy. I love all that stuff!!

  9. I saw egrets this summer in a wetland area nearby. Just passing through; in a week they were gone. Probably heading down for your pizza!

  10. I'm 112 years old and have never …. ever heard anyone being entertained by their credit bill. Well? paying in colones and then seeing them automatically exchanged to dollars … I guess could be quite entertaining… I shouldn't judge because I haven't experienced such…. I get a little tingle when my electric bill isn't as high as I thought.

    THEN you spy a non-breeding .. non-breeding? how the hell do they get more Spotted Sandpipers?

    THEN …. a couple on their way to the Monkey Farm, spy an orange-fronted parakeet eating termites and summoned you to photograph… btw! just beautiful … how can something be so pretty eating something so ugly... glad something eats 'em though

    THEN you make a homemade pizza from scratch.

    You're just a wealth of wonder and ponders …

  11. What great shots of the parakeets working on that termite nest. Oh, and that pizza looks pretty darned good!