Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, January 25, 2014

People Watching.....

There is a festival going on in Coco...  at least that's what we're told.  There's a big banner across the main street...  there is a large field where booths are being set up.  We're told there is a kind of rodeo..  a parade...  all the fun and food of a carnival.  Like everything else here, you ask 5 people what's going on and you'll get 5 answers.  A couple of weeks ago police lined the streets...  we heard everything from "they are training new officers" to "there's been some thefts and they want to be more visible".  

There were all kinds of police informational booths lined up along the beach.  But it wasn't until the following day that we learned that the president of Costa Rica was paying a visit.

So..  when we heard that the bull riding rodeo was scheduled for 3pm today, we decided to walk into town and check it out.  We headed out around 1:30...  walked right past the festival grounds...  which appeared to be totally closed.  

Well, heck, we haven't been in town on a Friday afternoon...  let's go have a beer and check out the scene....

I'll say right up front....  I don't know any of these folks.  I don't know their names...  and except for the lady with the tattoo, I don't know where they're from or why they're here. (she's from Nova Scotia and got her tattoo in Thailand)   Bill & I just sat on the outside deck...  watching the people in the bar and on the street....

You can make up your own captions....

As you can see, people can (and do) wear anything...  drinking on the sidewalk is okay...  vendors are hawking their wares the whole length of this long street.  People walk...  ride bicycles, motor scooters, motor cycles...  drive cars, take taxis....  push baby strollers.....  walk hand in hand with a lover.

I haven't even begun to count the bars and restaurants....  and the souvenir shops, clothing stores, and tour guide kiosks.  It just goes on and on....

We spent a couple of hours just sitting and watching....
Bill had a margarita, I had a mojito......
Finally we headed up the street and stopped for dinner at a seafood restaurant we'd been wanting to try.

Later we took a taxi home....  as we rode past the festival grounds, it still looked closed for business....
Maybe the festival is tomorrow.....

That's All For Today!


  1. People watching can be so much fun, you see just about everything.out the, great pics.

  2. Well, I love being relaxed and not planning ahead but they carry it to a new height. So are you going to try again? People are definitely fun to watch. It's sort of like being at the zoo.

  3. There's sure a potpourri of people in all sorts of clothing! The hat guy made me smile.

  4. Great pictures ... right there with you and one of my favorite pastimes ... five different answers ... hahaa love it

  5. I need to look into the exposed breast fashion. I just need the proper bra.

  6. Well, at least you know where all the "Flower Children" went when they left Haight Asbury. I thought most of them went to Panajachel, Guatemala on Lake Atilan, but I must have been wrong.

    Oscar Arias was the president of Costa Rica when we lived there and his home was a couple blocks from us. We walked by his home numerous times and saw him in the yard and such. No bodyguards or anything like that. We also sat across from him on LACSA Airlines on the way to Miami one time. So many people stopped and shook his hand or talked to him that his time was occupied for the total flight. Different world nowdays as I imagine the president in CR has to have a bodyguard.

    I love to people watch also and a cold Bavarian or Imperial in my hand makes it even more enjoyable. Enjoy yourselves down there.

  7. My wife and I think you and Bill are the best looking couple there!!!

  8. Its always fun to people watch. At first I thought that the fourth picture was "The lady with the tattoo". Glad that I was wrong!!

  9. Your photos were an all round show. You could people watch forever with this bunch!

  10. Sounds like a grey afternoon to me!