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Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Threads?

The Emperor  Bill has some new clothes....

This is one of those convoluted kind of stories that feel like they take forever just to get one tiny scene across...  but....  here goes.....

Bill seldom wears summer shorts....  (he almost always wears long sleeve shirts as well)....  but after a few cruises and other hot weather endeavors, he has acquired a few pairs of walking shorts (otherwise known as "Bermuda shorts").   We spent some time in Ohio this past summer and decided to put some of our "excess baggage" in our storage area.  I knew that all our National Wildlife Refuge volunteer shirts and jackets stayed there as we won't need them again until this coming June.  But it wasn't until we were back in Texas and I started packing for this Costa Rica trip that I realized that every stitch of Bill's "summer wear" was back in Ohio.

Oh...  no big deal....  if he decides to wear a pair of shorts he can pick up a pair in Costa Rica.

Now...  anyone who knows us knows we travel on the cheap.  Frugal is a "nicer" word, but...  truth is, we're cheap.  Oh sure, we spend money, but prefer to use it to upgrade our cameras, computers or other electronic equipment. 

 So...  here we are...  80+ degrees everyday.  Sure is nice to sit out in our (rescued from curb-side) lawn chairs and watch the world turn.  Our first neighbors, Harrison and Jennifer left not too long after we arrive.  We're sitting out there in our rescued chairs and we see Jennifer head over to the garbage cans...  oh my...  looks like she's stuffing some clothing into one of the cans....

Sure enough....  apparently Harrison didn't want to take some of his clothes back to Long Island....  And...  can you believe it!  Those shorts are Bill's size...

WhoooHooo!  So what if they're camouflage design?  
And who really cares if the back belt loop is gone?  What do they say? .....   One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Okay, so they're not really a treasure, but they're better than a heavy pair of jeans on a hot summer day.

Then....  (oh yes, the story goes on) ...  we're heading to Liberia on the bus.  Not too far from the AutoMercado Bill spots a sign...
Looks like a used clothing store to us....  you know..... one of those "New to You" thrift shops.  Bill's been wanting to see just what they have to offer...  so today we did just that.

They have lots and lots of shirts...  but no long sleeve tees....

Lots of pants, too.  Some were so big Bill & I both could have fit into them.

Hey...  they even had a rack of neckties (see that bunch of ties hanging from the ceiling/)...  now, who in the heck is gonna wear a necktie here at this beach town?  Well...  maybe they came in wearing one and ditched it soon after?

But it was walking shorts Bill was after.  He found a pair...  really a very well made pair and hardly worn...   for less than $10 American.  Buying the shorts was fun, but even more fun was talking to the owner of the shop.  She showed Bill a pair of REALLY gaudy (I think) swim trunks.  She spoke enough English to make jokes about him buying them and attracting the young "sweet thangs" out there.  And...  she went on to say those girls are only after a guys money...  and in a mix of Spanish and English, she went on to say that I'd probably wring Bill's neck if he so indulged....  it did get a bit ribald....  and that I'd probably cut off part of his anatomy as well.

Just goes to show you that to have a really good time, just hang out a bit with the locals.....  your Spanish will get a lot better ;-)

Anyway, the shorts came home with us...
Not bad, eh?
Who'dve ever thought that buying a pair of already worn shorts could be so much fun and be so entertaining?  And...  Bill can sit out in that recycled lawn chair and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed!

That's All For Today!


  1. Love shopping in thrifts stores all kinds a great bargains to be had and always a fun experience in a new place, or country.
    Nice shorts Bill.

  2. Love your attitude! The main thing is, you're doing pretty much what you want to do, and are enjoying the heck out of it! I always love visiting your blog, and reading what you're up to.

  3. At least he doesn't wear black socks with his Bermudas! ;)

  4. Amen Judy! I think Bill is looking pretty sharp in those camos.

    Enjoy watching the world go by!

  5. Black socks and Bermudas - that would be a sight to see. I love that the store owner was so friendly with y'all - makes for great memories. Those are some fancy shorts, and the price is right!

  6. A pair to wear while the other pair is in the wash. Well done.

  7. Fun is where you find it, and it's usually just about everywhere you go...especially if you're looking for it. Glad you're having a great time and finding such useful bargains. Certainly makes for some good stories. Thanks for sharing so well, Sharon. Bill will have to keep a close eye out for more hot weather gear!

  8. Oh I am with you and Bill about the thrill of buying old stuff. The item I was most pleased with last year was a pair of summer trousers - couldn't get anything like them in the ordinary shops but they were just perfect and cost as much as a cup of coffee!

  9. Great finds and one can be washed while he wears the second. No need for more than 2 pairs of walking shorts. Now, how about sandals instead of socks?

  10. Great post and pretty good bargains too. You guys are smart shoppers. We had fun going to the mall the other day too but we weren't shopping, just exercising. Oh, and I'm glad you changed the title and didn't show Bill wearing the Emperor's new clothes LOL!!

  11. Great shorts, you look very handsome in them, Bill! I once dated a man who I talked into wearing shorts - he never wore shorts before he met me. Then he wore them with his dark socks and running shoes. Oh, MY! He looked like a pervert! Quick trip to the store for white socks. I'd forgotten about that - your post brought back some memories. LOL :)

  12. I think we 'old' folks can find fun in most things that are spontaneous and don't cost a lot money ... back in the day? I wouldn't be caught dead in a thrift shop... didn't even know they existed, really... then as I got older and traveled about ... didn't want to take a bunch of stuff ... LOVED finding rummage sales and thrift shops to buy something then giving it back ... did the same thing with books at the library.

    unexpected treasures ... and little birdies to photograph ... any little animal in its home that we invade that lets us say hey ... a double rainbow ... muffins made with no sugar ... et cetera et cetera et cetera … Bill looks mighty spiffy … but I think a pair of straw sandals would make him downright sexy … sans socks

    I wish y'all would adopt me… dammit… as I've said, almost 71 is no longer a cute age for adoption … I know this but I keep hoping

  13. Way back when we lived in Costa Rica, the locals never wore shorts. We only ever saw shorts at the beach. Do they now? We'll be packing for our trip next week and wasn't sure what appropriate dress would be. I'll take a few shorts because we'll be in Florida for a few days, but I was planning on sundresses and kakis. I remember that women never wore sleeveless shirts. When I would wear a sleeveless top they were always concerned that I would "burn and get dark." I prefer to blend in and not look too touristy. Any advice for me?

  14. Make no apologies for being frugal. More people should be frugal and a lot of the world would be better off and having fun like you.

  15. You are so right- one man's trash is another man's treasure. Cute shorts!

  16. Great story ..... Good bargain and fashion in the trash !!!!

  17. Thrift stores here have clothed us for several years and I agree that it's fun to shop for bargains. Bill looked joyful in his new aftire, maybe some new shirts next time?