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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting Back In The Groove....

Among other things, I lost my watch today.  Bummer!  The watch wasn't worth much, but the band holding it on my wrist (or... in this case... NOT holding it onto my wrist) was silver with several turquoise stones placed Navajo-style on either side, meant a lot to me.  I won't go into all that...  but somehow, while I was wading in the ocean today, just walking along...  minding my own business...  the ocean decided it liked that watch... or probably the watch band...  and somewhere along my walk I realized it was gone.  After a futile search we knew that the ocean had claimed it.  Bill told me we can replace it...  and I know, it's just a material thing....  I guess the ocean wanted a payback for all the shells and coral and washed glass that I have garnered from its beaches all these years.  Bill doesn't wear a watch...  we have to be in town shortly after 6am tomorrow to meet a tour guide.....  Guess our internal alarm clocks better be fine-tuned....

The first time we walked down to Coco Beach it was around 7:00 this morning.  We were on a mission...
We saw this boat just sitting out in the water...  maybe 50' from shore....
I had to ask Bill at least 3 times what to say...
Quiero comprar pescado.... (I want to buy fish)
The guy in the red shirt waded ashore and I repeated my request...
Now...  first off we weren't sure they had fish...  but we had watched a man walk away with bag filled with something.  I seriously doubt anything illegal was going on....  so....  what the heck?  Stutter through it again...

Si...  panga    (yes, panga)

We have learned that red snapper is Panga Mancha (we think)
Anyway, he hauled 4 big red snappers out of their ice chest...  Bill gave him the equivalent of about $16 American.  I don't know if the guy weighed them or not, but I do know that they were quite heavy for Bill to carry home.  They are already gutted...  have everything else intact.  Once home, we cut off the head and tail and scraped off the scales.   Three of them went right into the freezer...  the other is for dinner tonight.

Later in the day we headed back into town.  We were going to Steve and Ann's condo, which is on the other side of Coco.  This is when I lost my wristwatch.....

But...  we did see these....
Not being around ocean life, I had to do some memory recall...  came up with Blowfish...  googled it when I got home, and think this is right.  Spiny critters, aren't they?  We walk the beach fairly often but today is the first day that we saw these.

And, speaking of seeing something different...
We seldom see motorhomes here....  so when we came across this one parked on the beach, of course I had to take a photo.  The license plate indicated it is from some European country.

We headed on over to Steve and Ann's...  but forgot to take our map that Steve drew.  After walking around a bit, we stopped at one of the nearby restaurants to use the Wifi, hoping Steve would be on line at his place.  This restaurant not only allowed us internet access, they gave us each a very refreshing drink of watermelon juice...  kind of slushy with pulp.  Very nice!  As Bill was using his Ipad to e-mail Steve, we see Ann riding past on her bicycle.  WhoooHoooo....  She knows we're long overdue and is looking for us.

We connect....  have a great visit with them...  checking out their condo...  and making certain of our plans for tomorrow.

Yep... we four are going on an excursion...  going to a volcanic park outside of Liberia.

The day will start early...  so if everything goes as plans, I'll be sending out this blog before we leave (Wednesday morning) and y'all will get a full report the following day.

That's All For Today!


  1. Those blowfish have a strange look on their face. You can see it in their eyes. Cute little fellows (or gals).

  2. Looking forward to photos from the excursion--you guys are so brave!!!

  3. That was an excellent deal on you fish for a few meals, and don't get them much fresher either.

  4. Love the look of the blowfish. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  5. Sixteen dollars for three fish/three meals? What a deal! I do envy that kind of commerce. Wait, I can do the same thing here in my neck of the woods.

  6. Nice deal on the fish.
    Too bad about the watch. There's one of mine at the bottom of Lake Ontario, which is why I no longer wear a watch on the boat. Matter of fact, I rarely wear one at all, even though I have two (possibly three, although #3 might need a battery)
    There are enough clocks around to let me know what time it is.

  7. Sounds like a plan, and I know you will get up early.

  8. Too bad about the watch band. I have not worn a watch since the advent of the pocket cell phone:)

  9. Sorry to hear you lost your watch. I don't ever wear one. Hope you enjoy you walk and visit.

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  11. I haven't worn a watch in eons … just use my iPhone if I'm curious … lol

    You eat those cute ugly things? poor little cute ugly guys…. they were just laying around on the beach?

    the volcanic park sounds fun…. always with pals anything seems fun!

  12. Hi, Sharon -- Really enjoying the Costa Rican Adventures! I am not sure about the CR version, but in Mexico, Red Snapper is called "Huachinango." You are so lucky to be finding such delicious fresh fish!