Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Other Observations....

I don't want to talk about the water today...  it is what it is...  there are other things in life.  We stayed home all day yesterday what with the maintenance guys in and out, so today we were ready to walk to town.

But wait...  a couple of photos from last evening...
The foxes came for their dinner...
Why feed the foxes?  Well, they hang around the place every evening...  did before we got here.  I'd rather provide them with a meal than have them into the garbage cans.  They are tiny things...  about the size of a housecat.  We don't even attempt to make friends with them...  we can watch them from our doorway, but if we move even a little, they are on high alert.  They are wild critters and will remain so.

Another thing from last evening..
The fire across the valley escalated...  lots of smoke...  some fire...  first in one area then another.  Brush fires...  quickly over.  Maybe these brush fires burn off enough that they prevent serious fires from happening.

Okay...  now today...  We headed into Coco around 7am...  plans to meet up with Steve and Ann for breakfast.  As we headed off our hill, we saw a large flock of swallows..
I believe with their chestnut necks and upper breast these are Southern Rough-winged Swallows.
If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.  
We've been seeing them dive and swoop a lot in the early morning...  must be doing a great job of insect grabbing!

We had enough time to take the beach route today...  
 Look at this huge ship that was out in the harbor!
Wouldn't you just love to see it under full sail?

Of course we had to cross the Rickety Bridge...  that's the place I need to spend some time as I'm just sure there's a kingfisher hanging out....  but today, I was rewarded with...
The Green Heron...  giving me the cold shoulder, I guess.

AND!  YES!  A new bird for here!!!
The Tricolored Heron.  
Not a new "life" bird, but the first we've seen here.  It was hanging out just about 10-15' from the green heron.  WooooHooooo!

We went on to meet our friends...  had a great typical Costa Rican breakfast....  then headed to a travel agency to make some plans.  More of this later...  but...  I will say that our visa is only for 90 days... we have to go out of the country (and re-enter) sometime during that time to start our time over.  We see a short trip to Nicaragua in the near future.

While walking through town, this is a common sight in the early morning...
The shopkeepers all sweep the sidewalks in front of their stores every morning.   You see this all over town..  and the folks in the residential areas often sweep... and rake ...  the front areas of their house.

After leaving Steve and Ann, we headed back towards the beach...  and the rickety bridge...  for our walk home...
Oh Wow!  A Great Egret flew in - to the same spot the Tricolored was earlier....
I can see where this is a place I need to spend some time... with binoculars and "big" camera in hand.

And...  the puzzle of the day...
I could see a dark area up in the trees along the bank of this stream.  I didn't have my binoculars and my little Canon doesn't have a view finder.  It's like shooting blind...  not what I like, but again...  it is what it is....  I thought it was a black vulture, drying out it's wing feathers.  Anyway, when I got home I downloaded my photos I can say that I really don't know what it is...  maybe the tricolored heron?  Or is it a bird at all?   

Guess I'll have to go back tomorrow better equipped!

That's All For Today!


  1. Hi Sharon, just spent time catching up on the water situation, so no need to comment on that. Hope Victor's solution works OK for you and Bill. The birds yiu showed in this post are all ones we are used to seeing here on tha VA eastern shore and always beautiful. Yes, those small camera without a viewfinder can be a pain, but the convenience of being compact is the tradeoff. Lookingbforward to reading of the travel plans.

  2. Another nice day for a walkabout, and so many new birds to see too.

  3. I carry a small Canon point & shoot with me at all times but do not particularly like it. Carry it for the convenience & sometimes in a pinch it can take good photos. Key word there is 'sometimes'. Definitely need the 'big camera' for quality pics. That's the one to take back to the rickety bridge alright. I think that is one of those feathered Grey Blog Birds in the tree:))

  4. Hopefully the foxes take care of any wayward vermin hanging around. Maybe best to not feed them too much? I'm sure they're always hungry though.

  5. You hit the bird jackpot today. I was thinking those foxes might be a little larger. We have red fox here, about twice that size. Your fellows are quite small.

  6. That last shot sure is a stumper. I'd be interested to know what constitutes a typical Costa Rican breakfast. If you've told us before, I've forgotten.

  7. You've had some terrific bird sightings! But that last one has me mystified. Hope you find what it is and let us know. As for my "Clown Stickers", it's not my original thought. We used to watch NFR (Nat'l Finals Rodeo) and the announcer would often refer to them as Clown Stickers.

  8. Wow--you did hit the bird jackpot as Joanne said! We noticed that in Mexico too--people out sweeping and raking their yards in the early morning.

  9. How tall was your "green heron"? I am thinking if it was under 15" tall it could be a Least Bittern. If it was taller, you are correct, although the coloration of the head doesn't look quite right. Maybe it is a highbred native to the region???

  10. The sweeping reminds me of our years in Germany... daily sweeping to keep things tidy!
    Love to you and Bill!

  11. I enlarged your mystery photo and looks more like fur than feathers. Hope you find out what it is.

  12. Beautiful ship and birds and even the fire picture is pretty ... the rickety bridge keeps it real and .. wel, another fine walk with you .. and yeah... what is a Costa Rica breakfast ... I'm sure it's wonderful ... mango and eggs and... well you eat all sorts of weird stuff... lol ... so if it has eyes and moving ... I don't want to see it.

  13. The swallows look like Barn Swallows to me. The mystery one looks like some kind of bird...need a better picture to id it.

  14. I think you are right that it's a bird, splayed out feathers. Hump of the shoulder area bird body above them, before a long neck

  15. Wow, you sure had good luck with the herons today. Beautiful! Can't tell what the black bird is - too hunched up. Maybe you'll see it again.

  16. I've seen Great Blue Herons drop there wings like that and get some sun. Might feel good in the wingpits?