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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

City of Brotherly Love?

We took the bus to Filadelfia today...  A couple of weeks ago we had gone through this city on another tour - we were with Ann and Steve, and we decided then that we'd have to come back for another look.  So today, we four did just that.

There are archways as you enter the city...
And an archway at the street that runs alongside a large park, or plaza.

Apparently there had been an event this past weekend...
National Sporting Games
We never did figure out exactly what had gone on, but since the beginning of Lent is Wednesday, we thought there may have been some sort of carnival or street fair.

There were lots of food booths being dismantled...  as well as what appeared to be a stage for music.  The whole park was kind of in a state of either tearing down the booths... or possibly just closed until evening.
While none of the food vendors were open, we did see evidence...  like these pickled vegetables...  that maybe the event wasn't quite over.

One really interesting thing...
Look at the size of this bicycle!
Or is it a tricycle?  Wait a minute...  one person sits way up on top ...  that person steers the bicycle...  and behind and at either side of that big wheel, is a place for another person to sit...  and each of those persons do all the pedaling.  They have handlebars, but they're only to have something to hold on to.  We'd loved to have seen this in action....  but it was all loaded and ready to move on.

We didn't know about this street fair...  we went back to Filadelfia because we knew that that city park is home to dozens of iguanas.  It's nothing to look up in a tree and spot 6 or more snoozing away up on the branches...
They range in size from small lizard size, to huge ones...  maybe 4' or more.

The groundskeepers were working as we arrived...  and they had a wheel barrow full of watermelons, and other fruits and vegetables for the iguanas to eat.  
We got in a bit of conversation with one of the men...  
Among his other information, he told us that iguana was good to eat...  then he grinned like the Cheshire Cat,.  These iguanas are the pride of this city...  I have no doubt that it's illegal to harm one and the locals show them off to everyone.

Right across the street from the park is a huge church...
I'm always peeking in churches...  doesn't matter the denomination...  I always find them interesting.
The sign in the lower right is asking you to be respectful in this house of prayer... keep your feet off the kneelers and don't deposit your chewing gum under the seat... 
The tile sidewalk made a lovely entrance to the church. 

It was interesting just hanging out in the park...  people watching as well as spotting the iguanas.  But after a while we found a restaurant for lunch.  It was kind of funny...  a Chinese restaurant with a menu of everything from Chow Mein to Rancho Huevos....  all written in Spanish, of course.

The bus station was just up the street and we stopped by to check the schedule...
There are food vendors everywhere.
This cart has fruits for sale.  They peel oranges here, much like your Grandmother may have peeled apples years ago...  one of those spindle-like things with a blade that cuts the peel off when you turn the handle.  Kinda neat, isn't it?

The bus back to Coco didn't depart until 2pm, so we stopped at an ice cream store....  each got a cone and headed back to the park to have another look.

Soon enough it was time to catch our bus.... and we headed back home.  It was a fun trip...  and always interesting to learn what's in those little nearby towns.

The End

That's All For Today!


  1. What a fun day exploring, too bad you missed the carnival though.

  2. Another greaqt tour. Thanks for taking us along. I love "the end" picture. You have a great sense of humor, also.

  3. I was intrigued with the camper on the back of that trailer as well. There's a certain amount of ingenuity there I'm thinking.
    We have a couple of those peelers. Somewhere.
    I still haven't found all the "stuff" the got shifted around when we moved off to Europe. Probably because I don't really miss it.

  4. Another fun look at what you've been doing and seeing. I think I'd be quite intimidated by those iguanas!!

  5. Those iguanas sure look interesting. What a totally different world!

  6. I love all your little sorties and forays. And the warm weather and sunshine. Someday....

  7. I hope you've checked out the churches in Hawaii. They use very different structures.

  8. How come everything's written in Spanish, there, anyway!?! Iguanas sure are cute, aren't they? That is one big bike would have to have some pretty long legs to ride it.

  9. I have not seen such a big bicycle. They look wonderful. Different types of lizards. All photos are good!!

  10. I don't think I would want to be the one atop that bicycle! Love following along on your adventures - you always find the most interesting things.