Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, March 3, 2014

más de la misma

After almost 3 months, much of what we see is the same...
Here are my evening foxes...  sometimes one...  sometimes two...  sometimes even three.
Last night they looked like bookends...  
I try to see if I recognize them...  one's tail is skinnier...  the one who comes early (around 4pm) waits around for me to come out with the dog food.  He's by no means friendly...  he's a wild animal...  but he moves off into a safety zone when I bring the food out.  
As I've written before, I don't have any intention of "civilizing" these guys...  I feel kind of like it is when you put out a bird feeder....  you aid a little, but don't make anyone dependent.

Another evening occurrence....
Smoke across the valley.
Even when we don't see active fires, there is often a smokey haze across the valley.  Sometimes we get the residual ash...  sometimes the clothes I hang on the clothes line to dry smell like smoke....  it's an almost daily occurrence.

Another bird that we've seen before...  
The Squirrel Cuckoo
For those familiar with the cuckoo in the States, he'll look somewhat the same.  You'd know what family he's in... We saw this one on our walk home yesterday.
We first saw this species when we lived up near San Jose a couple of years ago.  The birding down here by the sea (lower elevation, of course, and the tourist towns are quite busy) just isn't quality birding.  But...  hey.... we'll take what we can get...  and are always happy to see an old friend.

Our daughter who is freaked out by snakes is on a road trip from Arizona to Pennsylvania as I write, so maybe she won't see this.  But...  scroll through fast if you don't like snakes.....

As we were walking into town this morning, we saw this young boy carrying around .....
 this HUGE snake....  
Dead...  been killed by a hoe or other sharp instrument.  Of course I noticed it right away...  I asked him if I could take his picture with the snake...  and he happily agreed.
Doesn't he look proud?....  that's one heck of a BIG snake.
If I had a printer I'd make a copy of this to give to him...  but...  alas...  we just don't have....
We walk this road every day...  guess I better watch where I place my feet....  although most of the snakes we've seen are roadkills...  long dead and thoroughly flattened.

Just around the corner from us, someone fenced in a piece of property and last week put in 5 young cows.
Didn't take them long to figure out where the weak place in the fence is...
Today they were ambling down the road.

The funny thing is ...  there are a fair amount of dogs that live along this road...  and they have never intimidated us in any of our walks.  Well, we sure saw another side to those dogs today!  Talk about territorial!  They hustled these cows right along...  git along little dogie!  Get the heck off my property!

Just in case your Spanish is a little weak...  my title is "More of the Same".....  which is pretty much what our life is like these days.  Not bad for a great vacation!

That's All For Today!


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying it there but will soon be ready to move on, just like we do new places, new faces and new experiences.
    Have fun.

  2. Beautiful photos of daily life in Costa Rica. I wonder if it was a poisonous snake? I was surprised to find that, in Guatemala, there are many poisonous snakes I'd never even heard of before. I never did come upon any while living in Antigua but was warned about hiking in the hills above the city. Others did and they saw lots of snakes.

  3. It may be the same, but it's different. At least you have avoided these miserable freezing temperatures. ;)

  4. It is one of my biggest regrets--not learning a second language, preferably Spanish! We gave it a shot when we stayed in Mexico for two months taking every day, four hour classes but when you don't speak the language daily, you lose it.

  5. I still haven't mastered the language I speak, let along a second one. I prefer math over language. May I assume that the snake was non-poisonous? I would suppose that area of the county would have a lot of snakes, some of which would be poisonous. I have heard that sea snakes are poisonous. I, for one, don't want to test that theory.

  6. Ha - Nice post again. I like seeing the various birds, and things you see. A flat snake is the best kind.

  7. Love the Squirrel Cuckoo picture. And that is one loooong snake!