Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Surf's Up!

The day started out with a new bird for us...
Stripe-headed Sparrow
Not a good shot by any means, but since this is the first time we've ever seen this bird, I'll include it anyway.  It really looks a lot like the White-throated Sparrow we have in the States, and that's what we thought it was at first...  I hope they (there were 3 of them) come back so I can get a better photo.

Because it is Ash Wednesday and services at the church I go to weren't until 5 pm, we waited until late afternoon before walking into town.

We saw that the tide was quite high...  actually, the highest we've ever seen it.  And during the hour or so I was at church, it got even higher.  Bill had headed over to the park and when I met him, he showed me some kids who had surf boards...  
They'd hang out by this tree, waiting for a big wave to come in...

Then they'd run out and try to catch it to ride it in....

Sometimes they'd catch a good one and do quite well....

Sometimes it just kind of fizzled out on them.
You can see how high the waves were...  I know, not like Hawaii or other surfing hot spots, but here at Coco, this is a pretty big wave!

We watched the kids for a while...  and of course it's fun to watch all the other folks in the park...
It may only be Wednesday, but evenings are party time....  time to get out and socialize...  time to stroll around the park or the main street...  time to sit outside and have a drink or eat a snack.  The days are just too hot to be outside very long, so when the evenings cools things off, people here really take advantage of them.  This guy was selling kababs.... we each had one....  and no, they weren't burnt.  He'd just revved up his grill before adding more meat.

We had to hurry home...  it was getting dark...
I don't like walking along the roads at night...  but tonight, after about half way home the vehicular traffic slacked off and it was okay.  The sun set....  and we were safely home.

I don't know how long the folks stay in the park...  but if we walk into town in the morning, the beach and park will be quiet again.

That's All For Today!


  1. Looks like a fun afternoon.
    And hear I thought I was going to see pictures of you surfing!

  2. Seems you had a wonderful day!! Good snaps of your beach!!

  3. LOVE the sunset picture ... and how in the world did they get up on such small waves! wow... what fun, Sharon ... as always

  4. That looks like an enjoyable afternoon you had. It's just so "laid back" and beautiful there.

  5. Aaahh, life in Costa Rica. Keep looking for more of that species of bird. I'm in awe of your knowledge! That terrain sure doesn't look like where I am right now - dusty Lordsburg, New Mexico. Heading into Tucson today for more desert fun!

  6. Beautiful sunset. We haven't been to town often in the evenings, have we?

  7. I really enjoyed that sunset picture, Sharon. You're in a beautiful place, with lots of interesting things to see and do. Bill could surf those waves, too, I bet. Make sure to get lots of photos for us when he does, o.k.? I was able to stand up on a surfboard once in California, but then a wave came in and it shifted in the sand and I fell off;)) LOL

  8. I enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time and picked up on the mention of geo-caching again. I've read of it in brief a day or two ago and thought I must find out quite what this is all about, so you have prompted me to go Googling!

  9. Great to watch the kids having fun and enjoying the surf. Oh to be young!! But I kinda like old age too.