Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Clothes For Easter....

When I was a little girl I always got a new outfit for Easter.  It was usually a dress, new "Sunday" shoes, and always a new Easter bonnet to wear to church.  One year my dress had a wire hoop in the skirt...  I had to learn how to sit down properly or the danged thing would flip right over my head.  One year the Mary Jane shoes hurt my feet...  and I like to never broke them in.  But it was the hat...  always the hat... that I loved.  A straw hat with ribbons and flowers and the such.  Always with a feeling of Spring!

Easter is just a few weeks away and the American Goldfinch here in this part of Texas are getting their new wardrobe together...
How do I look on this side?

Or this side?

Oops...  caught me with my mouth full....

Altogether now...  one, two, three.....

Yes, by Easter we'll be in full summer plumage.  No more of the drab, dull-looking feathers.  We'll be bright yellow...  we'll have a gorgeous black cap and lovely black and white wings.  All our feathers will be shiny, and not frayed at all.  

Right now we're still getting ready, but each day we look brighter and lend a more cheerful setting to the land here that, even though it's greening up, it still looks like winter.
Won't be long now!

That's All For Today! 


  1. Wish I could look as bright and new in a few weeks! ;)

  2. I remember, as boy and young man, we always did Easter Sun Rise service and in Western Pennsylvania when Easter came early, sometimes there was snow on the ground. Then you could see who was singing the hymns by watching the breath clouds in front of them. . .

  3. They're growing gold in my yard, too. The gold finches, that is, not the grand children.

  4. These are the colorful goldfinches we see. We had a few goldfinches here in Dec which is unusual. Some of us had no idea what the bird was because it was in winter plumage which we never see.

  5. The gold finches are usually really gold by the time they reach Montana! We never see them until about mid-May. I too always got all new clothes for Easter right down to the underwear!

  6. Ouch! I will never forget the heel blisters from new shoes!

  7. Alone with the new dress, my mom, Grandma and myself always has a corsage. What fun times. Love your pictures of the goldfinch. Thanks Becki