Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flowers, Turkeys and Geocaching.... What a Mix!

It rained again this morning...  a very welcome rain.  It's quite dry here - the livestock tanks are all very low....  and one big thing that is affected is....

The wildflowers...
The bluebonnets are starting to bloom
The ones I've seen so far are very short stemmed.  Where there is usually a carpet of blue, it looks like this year there will be only patches here and there.  I don't know if the little bit of rain we've had here in the past couple of days will help them or if it's too late for this year's flowers.

I looked out my window a few minutes ago and saw 6 wild turkeys strutting along between Celeste's house and her garage.  They stopped for a while under the bird feeder, but I think they probably spend a lot more time under the deer feeders.
These two hen turkeys were in front of our motorhome yesterday afternoon.  
We've been seeing turkeys nearly every day since we've been back, but these are the first we've seen right in the yard.
The corn that scatters from the deer feeders attracts quite a variety of wildlife.

As I've written many times, one of my interests is Geocaching.  It hadn't even been "invented" when we started full-time RVing in January, 2001, and now there are over a million caches hidden all over the world.  Starting this evening there's a national geocaching event being held right in my Ohio hometown.  Over 1,000 participants are expected to arrive and join in the fun.  There have been over 100 new caches hidden just for the event.  It just wasn't practical for me and Bill to go to Ohio right now, but we'll hear all about it next month from our caching friends there....  and maybe we'll find some of the new caches.  

That's All For Today!


  1. Those flowers are really a pretty color - and the turkeys are always fun to see. They're so big!

  2. It is always great to see wildlife and the feeders sure do bring them in.

  3. How sad to think of just clumps of bluebonnets. I remember stretches and stretches, from past visits.

  4. We were really interested in geo caching a few years ago. Still have some of the "travel bugs" that we created just for that. Never did get most of them placed anywhere. The ones we did get out, haven't really given back any news. It was fun, but we haven't done it for quite some time. We'll send you the travel bugs, if you want them. Let me know.

  5. Those turkeys seem huge to me! The bluebonnets have lupine leaves--are bluebonnets just blue lupine? I hope you get more rain. We're hoping for less rain here to facilitate the search for victims up the river in Oso but it's not going to happen.

  6. Love those bluebonnets hope to see a bunch next week when we settle in there for a few days.

  7. I sure hope the rain helps the blue bonnets......they are such a beautiful shade of blue!