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Friday, March 21, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I think in my last post I mentioned that Tico Time is such that we asked Ney, who was taking us to the airport, to pick us up at 10:00, figuring he'd be there by 11:00.  Well, at 9:15, he arrived at our condo...  all spiffed up...  both him and his car.  We stopped at the Subway in Coco to get sandwiches knowing how expensive airport food is and also knowing that even snacks on flights now are only served at a price.

As we turn off the main highway onto the road leading into the airport, Ney asks us if we could pay him then.  Ney isn't a licensed taxi driver... he drives his own car and picks up work when he can.  Our landlord had arranged for Ney to pick us up when we arrived and so we asked him to take us back (3 months later).  But he could get into trouble if a money transaction was seen by a "real" taxi driver.  No problem...  we were happy to help him out.

As we left Costa Rica we flew over Nicaragua...
The clouds in the lower left corner are hovering over one of the volcanoes in the middle of the huge lake.  The second volcano just barely made it into the picture at middle right.  

The flight is only 4 hours from Liberia, Costa Rica to the Dallas/Ft Worth airport...
We think we're flying over Cancun or Cozumel here...  A long string of condo along the beach, and not a thing a quarter of a mile inland.

Our son-in-law picked us up...  we headed back to their house, where our motorhome has resided while we've been gone.  We had our mail sent there as well...
These stacks are only a small portion in the huge box that was awaiting us.  We don't get a lot of junk mail, but I was amazed at how many AARP mailings were in the box.  It took us hours to go through all the mail...  now, the big task is getting stuff ready to do taxes :-(

The weather here is much cooler than we've had for the past few months...  it got into the 80's today and was quite comfortable.  Mornings mean jeans, boots and a long sleeve shirt.  But it gets warmer as the day progresses.

Look what grew while we were gone...
Celeste and Victor have a huge yard.... well, they are in Texas, so only part of it is "lawn", but Celeste does a fine job of putting a different touch to things....  I asked her where she got all these colorful bottles...  Blue Nun?  ...  and those pink light bulb looking things are really cute.  She didn't have to drink any crazy brands of anything...  the lady who makes the trees also sells glassware to put on them.  

But...  the thing I liked best...
Spring Flowers!
Hyacinths!  Pansies!  Violas!
All blooming and so aromatic!  
These guys have been in this flower bed all winter...  survived the cold winter they've had here... even ice at times.  Isn't this lovely?

I'm still trying to catch up with family....  got the laundry caught up today...  and the mail...  and just stuff like that.  Oh yes...  we had another invasion of ladybugs while we were gone.  Took a while to get rid of them.

We have some appointments in Granbury to take care of - not sure what all.  We'll be here a few weeks while we make our plans to head east and begin another great adventure.

But for now... we're happy to be back in our "home sweet home".
That's All For Today!


  1. Glad to hear you're home safe and sound. Well, if I had to have an invasion of something I think lady bugs would be better than some others I can think of. Love the bottle tree.

  2. I followed you during your trip to Costa Rica and enjoyed your posts. Today's flight pictures are wonderful!

  3. You're winter in Costa Rica seemed very short!

  4. We were gone for only two and a half weeks and had huge piles of mail…I don't envy you the task of going through it all. I was in TExas last week to visit my grandchildren and enjoyed the weather. But now spring has arrived in eastern Oregon. Our first daffodil bloomed today. Welcome home!

  5. Bet it's nice to be back in the states. Love that bottle tree. Very unique.

  6. Welcome Home! I remember all too well those stacks of mail that we'd have to wade through when we'd come back to Canada after being in Europe for half a year or more. Daughter Number Two was paying our bills, but there was still a whack of envelopes to open and peruse. Have *fun*.

  7. Good to have you back, even if you've hijacked spring to Texas.

  8. Arriving back in one's own Country always brings a big sigh of relief from us as we cross the border. Although the U.S. feels very much like home there still is that great feeling crossing the border to the land where our roots are. Arriving home is always great but then having to stay home for 6 months is not so great. Sounds like you folks will be off on another adventure. That's the way to do it:))

  9. Welcome back to Texas, get things all straightened out and hit the road for more great adventures.

  10. Welcome Home. Not looking forward to our 6 months of mail when we get back to Canada next month. Love the spring flowers.

  11. Welcome home! The pansies are gorgeous--the spring flowers bring so much joy and pleasure! Love the bottle tree and gosh! Tell those ladybugs to fly away home!

  12. I'm still getting rid of some of the ladybugs that invaded me last October in Minnesota. I suppose when I finally do stop finding them, the next generation will arrive. :( Welcome back!

  13. Glad you are back in Texas and that you had such a great trip.