Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, March 7, 2014

We've Changed Our Ways....

Bill & I are both early people.  We get up early and get started on the day early.  Neither of us are procrastinators, so things that need done are usually finished as well.  We still are getting up early and doing whatever needs to be done here at this condo...  but...  the walks to town in the morning have become late afternoon walks.

It's just too hot to be walking on hot asphalt in the heat of the day.  And now, the heat of the day comes earlier and earlier....  especially if there's no breeze to move the air some.

Yesterday we delayed our walk until afternoon....  the sun had actually gone down enough by 3pm to provide some shade along our dusty road.  And by the time we walked home it was almost cool.  Well, that's stretching it a bit, but....  it sure was cooler.

Greg and Francine have been our neighbors across the road since our first day here.  They're a delightful couple from Niagara Falls, Ontario and we've become friends over the weeks.  They've had a lot of guests from home so we've seldom had more than a short visit together.

Today we decided to head into town and have dinner together.  So...  around 5pm we headed into Coco.  It's kind of a narrow road, but we're all used to it...  and while we pretty much walk single file, we still had time to talk all the way to town.

Of course we had to walk across the Rickety Bridge....  
This Great Egret was strutting its stuff...  even as the sun was casting long shadows....

And just beyond the bridge, where the chickens run loose...
The roosters and chickens had all gone to roost in the rafter of this old bar.
Colorful, aren't they?

We headed to Greg's favorite bar and each had a drink while deciding where to go for dinner.  As we'd walked up the street, Nelson, the guy who's always hustling customers stopped us to tell us the special of the night.  Sounded good, but Greg and Francine had told us about La Cog, a Mediterranean restaurant on the main street.  That's where we headed....

It's a tiny place...  the "kitchen" is barely 8'x8'.....  with seating either at the counter or along the rail.  The whole restaurant is barely 12' x 12'.  But the young man and woman who own/run the place have a fairly diverse menu...  and they work well together in such a small space.

Three of us ordered Mera Mera...  spelling may be wrong...  but it was a tortilla/pita like bread loaded with tomatoes, onions, chicken, lettuce...  and spices and a dressing (yogurt?) that was outstanding!  Francine ordered something similar, except her's was in a wrap and looked kind of like a burrito.  My description simply does not do this dish justice....  not only was it delicious, there was more than I could eat so I brought home enough for lunch tomorrow.

As usual,, in a tourist town, we start talking with other customers...  eating out isn't just eating out...  it's a real social event.  So, not only did we enjoy Greg and Francine's company this evening, we met other folks who shared some of their adventures while vacationing here.

It was dark and the nightlife in Coco was starting to come alive by the time we were ready to go home.
Since we live in the same condo complex, we shared a cab and headed home.
Even the taxi driver was friendly.  He was trying to get me to roll my rrrrrrrs when I was giving him directions.  

While I seriously doubt if I'll ever become a "night" person, it sure is fun giving it a try now and then.

That's All For Today!


  1. I'm impressed that you were able to stay up long enough to write about your evening. Any time we're out much at all, I usually want to head straight to bed.
    Getting out for a morning walk was a challenge when we lived in Puerto Rico as well. It was pretty darned hot by nine a.m. already. Sometimes I do miss that....

  2. And the adventures continue. I think I'd probably like what you ordered to eat!

  3. That looks like a fun afternoon and very tasty meal. We too are morning people don't like to go out after dark.

  4. Proud of you for extending your horizons. But, we are the same--morning people, rarely go out at night.

  5. Good to hear you took a taxi home. ;)

  6. Dennis and I are NOT night peeps....and especially in a foreign land..I'm with ride was wise!

  7. Love that kind of food … looks delicious! haaa I was never good at rolling my rrrr's either… not natural. The chickens and roosters roosting… great picture!

  8. I believe I've mentioned my daughter's restaurant, where,until she expanded the kitchen and prep area, the chefs cooked in the front window. That was a fun time, too. It can be done.Good times are always where you find them, and you two are finding them aplenty.

  9. You know now why people down there sleep during the day and come out after dark. It's way too hot otherwise. Of course, now that you've had a taste of that night life, you'll want more. It appears to be centered around a pastry display, and that's always good!

  10. That food does look really good.