Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ain't Much, But It's All I Gots.....

We stayed at Hagerstown, MD Saturday night (Walmart, of course) and drove the final 286 miles to our destination of Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR yesterday.  Another long day of driving, but we got off to an early start Sunday morning and had virtually no traffic going into Baltimore...  and not much even after crossing the Bay Bridge ($18.00) onto the peninsula, and down through Maryland and into Virginia...  566 miles after leaving our daughter's place in New York....  
Where women are strong and children good looking...
That's Donna, showing her muscles to our great-granddaughter, Evie.  Evie is curious about everything and it's fun to watch and listen to her.
Yes, that IS a shot glass in front of her...  she wanted a "little glass of milk".  So what if she drank about 5 of them?  It's such fun to be around little folks who are so new at experiencing life.

Backtracking a little....
Bill & I like to take the scenic route out of Port Jervis, NY, down to Stroudsburg, PA.  The road has a 45 mph speed limit...  sometimes we see pheasant...  this time not.  We came within a hair (quite literally) of hitting a deer on I 84.  The doe shot out from the left and bolted right in front of us.  I really don't know how we missed her, as my view of her was right in front of the passenger side headlight.  She made it...  so did we.

We stopped for a lunch break in Hamburg, PA.  I miss Aroostook NWR up in Maine and needed to get my "moose fix".....
Okay, so he's not alive these days....
I love the Cabela's stores and have to check out each store.  Bill heads for the "Cave"...  the discount section of returned or discontinued items.

That night we stayed in Hagerstown...  and Sunday we wasted no time heading to our final destination....
You can hardly see below the Dixieland sign, but it says...
Where the South Begins

And into Virginia we went.

We met our contact at Eastern Shore NWR and quickly got settled.
Today we woke up to rain.
Bill walked over to the maintenance shop around 7 am...  the job he's here to work on is to put a new roof on the maintenance building.  Hmmm...  rain and more rain.
He walked home - today's work is cancelled.

Our friend Paul, whom we met when we all were volunteering at Crystal River NWR in 2005, stopped by later.  We haven't seen him in years...  we had a great time catching up.  I neglected to get any photos...  hope to remedy that later.

One of the fittings for our waterline cracked on the way here (darned bumpy roads!) and we had to make a trip up the road for fittings etc.  Paul told us where the hardware store is...  also told us where we could buy some fresh seafood...
We bought a couple dozen oysters...  then had to shuck them when we got home.
Not an easy job for the likes of us.  Nevertheless...  we got'er done...
We each ate only 1 raw oyster while cleaning them...  haven't decided whether how to fix the others.  We both love oysters no matter how they're fixed.

It's rained all day...  quite hard at times...
We drove over to the Visitor Center...
Very nice displays...  
Met the volunteer, Joe, who is parked next to us...  learned some about the history of the place and got maps of the walking trails.

If the rain lets up tomorrow Bill will start work...
As for me...  no plans yet, but those trails look inviting.

That's All For Today!


  1. Having only eaten one oyster in my whole life, I'll be interested to learn what you did with them. I could just never talk myself into an oyster po boy when I was down south. :(

  2. It sounds like a good start to another fine adventure.

  3. That looks like a lot of work! I like them fried. Actually, I've only had them fried.
    Hope the rains stop so you can get started soon.

  4. Love the shot glass. I treasure the days when staying at grandma's meant eating breakfast with an iced tea spoon and supper with a pickle fork.

  5. You are jut moving along to new adventures enjoying the journey, travel safe and have fun.

  6. On a chilly and dreary day, a warm bowl of oyster stew would be just perfect.

  7. I am so behind on following blogs, due to a weak wifi signal. Looks like a nice Visitor Center, I may be heading east in 2015.

  8. Glad to see you made it to your new "home." I've only cooked oysters once and was told to put them on the grill in the shells, when they open, the oysters were done--and they were good!