Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Family That Plays Together Stays Together....

Or something like that.

These are yesterday afternoon's pictures.
Our great-granddaughter, Evie, had gone bowling recently and wanted to go again.  Well, why not?
After Donna got off work (she left early for the occasion)...  Glenn, our son-in-law, Evie, Bill and I all headed for the local bowling alley.

I'll say right now that I had serious doubts about this "fun" thing to do.  I think the last time (and maybe the only time) I held a bowling ball was in 1958...  while in high school on a date with my boyfriend.  My shoulders don't like stress these days and... well...  I thought...  hey, if a 2 year old (okay, she's almost 3 years old) can roll a bowling ball down an alley, by gosh, so can I!!!

 And I did!
Looks pretty good, huh?  Well, right off I rolled 2 gutter balls...  got off to a great start!

They have this "trough-like" apparatus that little kids can use to roll the ball down.  And... not only that, there are side rails to keep the ball from going into the gutter.  How neat is that!  That's Glenn, helping Evie heft that ball and let'er go.  
(I considered using this lane myself ;-)

We all took our turn...  Bill used to bowl, but it's been maybe 40 years ago since he's been in a bowling alley.  Even at that, he bowled 3 strikes in a row!  Evie loved the place where the air streamed out to dry off sweaty hands.  

Of course everything's electronic these days...  our scores show up for the world to see...  in huge lights right above the lanes we were using.  On the left is Evie G, then Donna right below.  On the right is Glenn, then me, then Bill.  Doggone if Bill didn't get the top score!  Evie's Mom, Heather, had to work so she didn't get to play with us today.

We had a blast!
One game was enough....  we were ready to turn in our shoes and put those big ole bowling balls away.  But...  wooohoooo!  Did we ever have fun!

That's All For Today!


  1. Oh man. I haven't bowled in years. Still have the shoes and a ball. Used to enjoy it, but my wife isn't so keen.
    Usually three games in my limit. Looks like you had a good time. Some times one game is enough.

  2. Like the two commenters above, I too, haven't bowled in many years. I always enjoyed bowling and now I don't even know where my ball and shoes are stored.

  3. The last time I tried bowling (about 20 years ago) it was a disaster!

  4. Same here its been a long time for me too well over twenty years, always a gun time though.

  5. I used to love to bowl, even had my own ball. These days I would probably need the "gutter rails".
    Looks like everyone had fun!

  6. After not bowling for 40 years, Bill bowls a 150?!? Wow! The last time I went bowling was a few years ago. My body was so sore afterwards, I couldn't believe it!