Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don'cha just hate it when this happens?

Not exactly Victoria's Secret kind of undies....
 See the folded underwear... kinda hard to tell, but they're pink.  See the shirt on the right?  It's orange.  It's new...  bought it at Cabela's last week.  Didn't read the washing instruction tag (it's sewn in the side seam if you want to know...  ).  Did laundry this morning.  I quit separating the whites, colored, plaids, polka-dot stuff years ago.  I'm doing good to wash grungy jeans and greasy shirts in a separate load.  So...  after the damage was done and I got it all folded I did read the washing tag in the shirt... "wash separately before wearing".   My Mom always said to wear clean underwear with no safety pins...  just in case we were in accident.  I'll bet a lot of your mothers said that, too....  she didn't say anything about pink.

Our underwear isn't all that's coming up rosy...
Look at the sunrise this morning.
My Mom would have said "Sailors Take Warning"...  (rain's coming), but it's in the 90's this afternoon and the only moisture is running off everyone's bodies as it's one hot, sweaty day.  I don't know how those guys are working up there on that roof.

Aroostook NWR, up in Maine housed the nuclear bombs during the Cold War.  The bunkers there are a main attraction.  Here, at Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR, the bunker is very different.  It's from World War II...  and the gun and shell are on display.  There are plans to have better signage and interpretive plaques in the future, but I'm guessing that funds are as big an issue here as with most Federal agencies.

I have been enjoying my free time this week.  Once the rains quit I've walked most of the trails and often seen white-tail deer and their (still spotted) fawns.  We are located on the peninsula jutting down from Delaware, across from Annapolis and along the Chesapeake Bay. 

I took this photo from the top of the tower that overlooks the bay.  We're only a mile or so from that long, long bridge that spans the waters between the peninsula and Norfolk, VA.  I can hear the traffic when I'm walking along the trails.

 Trumpet Creeper grows wild here....
I don't know if it's native or invasive, but it's wild and is all over the place.
But hummingbirds like it, so I guess that's okay.

I'm not sure how much longer we'll be here...  I can almost see the gears in Bill's head calculating how many more days he can work and how long we need to drive to Texas...  

Tomorrow I think I'll drive up to the nearby State Park... there's several geocaches hidden there, and we all know I can't resist that challenge.

That's All For Today!


  1. Hi Sharon, We talked briefly last summer at Aroostook NWR in the gift shop.......I googled blogs and ANWR and yours came up and I have been reading it for awhile. Sounds like you are having too much fun! I had a quilt that had colors run. There is a product called SHOUT Color Catcher...Most stores have it, even Walmart. I always put one in the wash when I do jeans and whites together.....It will return your pink whites to white if you use it when you wash them again.

  2. I think just about everyone's mom said the same thing about underwear. One time, as a joke, I ironed on a colorful decal of an explosion with the word 'BANG' in the middle on a pair of my ex-husbands jockeys. (He was quite a gassy fellow) Wouldn't you know it that he had an accident on a day he wore those shorts and ended up in the hospital. He was not happy. ;)

  3. You definitely are south of the Mason Dixon line. All the fawns here are growing their winter coats.

  4. My mom said the same things, must have been a generational thing - but then I repeated them to my kids. I remember washing everything together once with something red, and all our whites were pink, too. I also had a pair of jeans that said to wash before wearing, but I didn't do it. Then I saw that things I was sitting on were turning blue - and also my hands were bluish. Why in the world wouldn't they make sure the colors were safe before they make the clothes? :(

  5. During my bachelor days, I learned the color principles of washing over and over:) I guess I am a slow learner:)

  6. Oh dear, in all my years of doing the laundry, I don't think I've ever managed that one. It did take two or three washings to get the bulk of the colour out of my "Dirt Shirt" that I bought in Maui, but I had been warned about that one. I'm always suspect when it comes to new stuff though.
    So are you the lucky one who gets to wear the pink undies??

  7. Mixing clothes in the wash is something I have done for years, but always in cold water , have not had a problem yet.

  8. I guess I must be one of the few who still separate clothes - well at least whites from everything else. Maybe I need to rethink that. Pink is not a bad color.

  9. Funny!! I still separate clothes but sometimes I do what I call an Aunt Bonnie load--my Mom's sister never separated clothes--everything went in together. My uncle Len was a big, loud, tough man but he at times wore pink underwear!